Human Hibernation Habit


NEET. A word for “Not in Education, Employment or Training”. Quite harsh a word to describe those who ‘live in their house 24/7’. Well, here I am, someone who does that every weekend and holidays. It is undeniable that this so called ‘human hibernation habit’ is so much fun and enjoyable, especially these days. We have games, manga, novels, internet – there are so many fun things to do at home without forcing yourself to be in the freezing cold or flaming summer heat. So why go outside?

The internet is the most convenient and smartest technology that has ever been developed in human history. Everyone likes reading books, whether it is a comic book or novel, whatever genre you are interested in. If you are bored, you go on the internet, search and read. Accessing a book online has become easier than buying books physically, and many of them are free to read, with no cost meaning more reading. Neets cannot quit being Neets because after they read something, they start reading something else. Since it is free, it is unlimited, meaning an endless Neet lifestyle.

Furthermore, this Neet lifestyle evolves. There is a 3D Neet life out there available now. I was quite surprised to see VR (Virtual Reality) games, 3D printings, and 3D whatever you can think of. Infinite reading was already enjoyable enough, but this 3D thing is beyond compare. You like thrills? Say you do and you play zombie games, they’re not that scary and you think you’re tough? Try VR ones. You can test your toughness to the max level. Outdoor activities do not provide you ‘kill that freaking zombie before it eats you up whole’.

In my case, I personally like lying on the bed playing PSP games and reading manga. When I get bored, I go to Youtube and watch some funny videos, play Xbox games, and then Skype friends to play Overwatch. Meals? Each time I respawn, I bite. More manga and novels after that. Feel stiff? Play sports in Xbox. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

There is everything at home. You have games, books, funny videos on Youtube. You can talk to your friends on the phone. You can even play sports. You literally have everything you can have outside, inside. Plus great fantasies. If you are bored playing outside, try the Neet life. But you need to prepare a few things, just like an animal storing food in his or her cave before hibernation. Here is a list of what you might need: a Wii, a PSP, a Xbox, VR games (PSVR is coming out in October 2016 for example), an iPhone, one or more laptops or computers (for games, gaming computers are recommended), a HD TV, books, an air-conditioner, blankets, Kotatsu, mandarins, jams, cereals, Helga’s… Or if you have particular hobbies such as drawing, knitting, cooking and decorating, then stock up for these too.

CAUTION: Little bit of fat, unhealthy diet and extreme laziness can follow.

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