Has Covid-19 Impacted Your Life? Tell us how

Woroni is seeking submissions on the impact Covid-19. We are putting together a podcast investigating Covid-19 and its impact on the ANU Community. To be involved make a voice recording of maximum 2 and half minutes giving your experience, opinions, concerns etc. If you don’t want to record your voice you can add a written submission too. We have some questions that you can answer below. Submissions can be anonymous.

Feel free to pick and choose questions to respond to. If it looks like we’ve missed something important let us know in your recording. Added:

Seeking submissions on the impact Covid-19 for new podcast

Students graduating this semester/year
o What’s your name and degree?
o How do you feel about graduating this year/semester?
o Was your graduation ceremony cancelled? How do you feel about it
o What is your future going to look like after graduating and how has covid-19 affected it?
o What do you think about ANU’s response and how its supporting students graduating this semester/year

First years and general uni students
o What’s your name and degree?
o What was your first-year uni experience like before covid-19?
o How has your first-year (or uni year) changed since covid-19? Were new friendships interrupted, whats your perception of uni work and how its changed with remote classes?
o What’s hard about the transition to remote uni?
o What are you missing about uni?
o What do you think about ANUs response so far to covid-19?

Year 12s applying for ANU 
o What’s your name and the degree you’ve applied for at ANU?
o you’ve applied for at ANU
o How was year 12 going before covid-19, whats it like after covid-19?
o Do you feel like covid-19 will affect how prepared you are for university? How so?
o Do you think ANU would do a good job doing bridging classes
o How do you feel about having the school year extended to next year? What were your plans for the end of the year, schoolies?

International students
o What’s your name and degree?
o What’s your home country?
o Are you currently in Australia or somewhere else? Where would you rather be right now?
o What are your opinions on the ANU’s response to Covid-19 and do you find they are adequately support international students like yourself?
o How are you finding the Australian Government’s response to your home country Government’s response?

Residential halls response Added: Woroni Editor
o What’s your name and degree?
o What hall are you from?
o What is the current hall position on covid-19?
o What was it like when covid-19 was just getting started at your hall?
o What has the hall’s leadership response been like
o What wasn’t addressed or had been addressed badly?
o Did you feel safe at your residential hall during the covid-19?

Opinions on Online invigilation
o What’s your name and degree?
o Are you concerned about subjects you take and the way that they will be examined?
o What are your opinions on ANU’s current online invigilation measures its proposed?
o What would you prefer ANU to do for online exams?


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