Has Covid-19 Impacted Your Life? Tell us how

Woroni is seeking submissions on the impact Covid-19. We are putting together a podcast investigating Covid-19 and its impact on the ANU Community. To be involved make a voice recording of maximum 2 and half minutes giving your experience, opinions, concerns etc. If you don’t want to record your voice you can add a written submission too. We have some questions that you can answer below. Submissions can be anonymous.

Experience of Covid-19 Podcast

We're seeking student experiences on the impacts in their life that Covid-19 has had
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Feel free to pick and choose questions to respond to. If it looks like we’ve missed something important let us know in your recording. Added:

Seeking submissions on the impact Covid-19 for new podcast

Students graduating this semester/year
o What’s your name and degree?
o How do you feel about graduating this year/semester?
o Was your graduation ceremony cancelled? How do you feel about it
o What is your future going to look like after graduating and how has covid-19 affected it?
o What do you think about ANU’s response and how its supporting students graduating this semester/year

First years and general uni students
o What’s your name and degree?
o What was your first-year uni experience like before covid-19?
o How has your first-year (or uni year) changed since covid-19? Were new friendships interrupted, whats your perception of uni work and how its changed with remote classes?
o What’s hard about the transition to remote uni?
o What are you missing about uni?
o What do you think about ANUs response so far to covid-19?

Year 12s applying for ANU 
o What’s your name and the degree you’ve applied for at ANU?
o you’ve applied for at ANU
o How was year 12 going before covid-19, whats it like after covid-19?
o Do you feel like covid-19 will affect how prepared you are for university? How so?
o Do you think ANU would do a good job doing bridging classes
o How do you feel about having the school year extended to next year? What were your plans for the end of the year, schoolies?

International students
o What’s your name and degree?
o What’s your home country?
o Are you currently in Australia or somewhere else? Where would you rather be right now?
o What are your opinions on the ANU’s response to Covid-19 and do you find they are adequately support international students like yourself?
o How are you finding the Australian Government’s response to your home country Government’s response?

Residential halls response Added: Woroni Editor
o What’s your name and degree?
o What hall are you from?
o What is the current hall position on covid-19?
o What was it like when covid-19 was just getting started at your hall?
o What has the hall’s leadership response been like
o What wasn’t addressed or had been addressed badly?
o Did you feel safe at your residential hall during the covid-19?

Opinions on Online invigilation
o What’s your name and degree?
o Are you concerned about subjects you take and the way that they will be examined?
o What are your opinions on ANU’s current online invigilation measures its proposed?
o What would you prefer ANU to do for online exams?