Central Intelligence: A Review


Although it had a sweet message, Central Intelligence left much to be gained, as it too often stooped to unentertaining, slap-stick comedy. Kevin Hart and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson have undeniable chemistry on screen, as their natural comedic timing and ability to feed off of each other truly makes this film watchable. Their playful and supportive performances lift this film from a cringe-worthy almost-2-hours, to a comedic slip-up with a heart-warming anti-bullying message. Nonetheless, however funny the two leads may be, their natural talents can’t save a bad script. With a plot line that largely rests on technological know-how and the attempted hacking of C.I.A. secrets, it does little to explain the process. As such, the audience is left not understanding the reason why people run in pursuit of one another, as explanation is sacrificed for high-action sequences. This, when paired with simplistic and one-dimensional characterisation, leaves the film fundamentally pointless. The single highlight was at the very end of the blooper-reel in the last sequence, when Kevin Hart called out Johnson’s “stupid” stage name. The ability to laugh at oneself is what propelled the film, and without it, it would have been just another comedy, quick to be forgotten.