ANUSA Election Kerfuffle Exposes Extent of Russian Interference

In a revelation that is unsurprising to ANU’s political elite, the ANUSA election has been disrupted thanks to the controlling influence of nefarious political actors. Woroni can exclusively reveal that Russian interference at ANUSA has once again reared its ugly head.

While the details of the fiasco are unfolding, Woroni’s sources on the inside have told us that the Kremlin is directly involved.The Russians have a track record for interfering with the democratic process in Western countries. After meddling with the 2016 US Presidential election, the 2020 ANUSA election was a logical next hit.

What are their motives? Do they want to prevent one of the many unmemorable tickets from winning? Do they want to distract from their own domestic issues? Is Mr Putin simply bored? We’re not sure, but we all know that our self-important stupol hacks are flattered by the attention.

Whatever happened, the AFP and other more nebulous alphabet agencies are currently investigating ANUSA and its members – which, to be frank, is long overdue.

More to come.

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