A Shot & A Beer - Live Podcast: A Review


A Shot and A Beer’s live podcast is prefaced with stand-up comedy, and my attendance was prefaced with a greasy meal from the Hamlet. Despite feeling ill from the chicken I had just eaten, the stand-up made me laugh, with Kirsty Webeck noting that she was “trying to get [her] baby body back” because she was a “particularly small foetus” – a timely reminder of the meal I had just thrown back.

Ian Worst opened the show, vocalising all of the struggles we all feel as 20 somethings. Pointing out the reason we buy ‘pot’ plants for our bedroom as being specifically to prove we are able to keep something alive, and also to breathe more fresh air than we have for a while. Laura Campbell, in the lead up to having a 3D printed hip popped into her body, described the best graph she had printed. It visualised the amount of nuggets she was legally and able to consume before dying. Her newly printed 3D hip, however, was designed specifically for the dolphin archaeologists who would find it with the words ‘new phone who dis?’ engraved into it.

For the third time Andrew and Danny were guested by Riley Biel, a Canberra comedian with a conglomerate of personas. His stand-up personalities were only mildly downplayed for the sake of interactive conversations and the audience listening from home.

The live podcast begins with stand-up sets, followed by the headliner act joining the recorded segment. In the intermission, Danny had found himself in the Truman Show, seeing twin pairs consecutively occupying the toilet spaces around him – setting up a truly wigged podcast. Having listened to previous episodes of the podcast before arriving, the inflated animation of Riley gave the live setting edge. It appeared to be designed for the audiences present, with the hopes that they will show their friends and bring them along next time.

The comedy is tailored for Canberran audiences, and seemingly ones living below the poverty line as many of us are, with the all the comedians vocalising experiences familiar to anyone who has had a night out in Civic.

In essence the night was fun, straight up, easy to listen to fun. For those with $10 to spare every third Wednesday of the month, I would recommend a trip to Civic Pub: banter doesn’t get better than this. You are also able to listen and subscribe to ‘A Shot & A Beer’ on your preferred podcasting app.

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