TV Video Editor Applications Semester 1, 2019

Applications are open to join Woroni TV as a Video Editor in Semester 1, 2019

Woroni is looking to hire a new video editor to join our passionate team at ANU Student Media for the remainder of Semester 1, 2019. Woroni TV is committed to engaging the wider ANU student body in audiovisual media, by covering news and events relevant to the ANU community, providing video services to the student body, and creating a platform for burgeoning video-content creators to allow them to develop their skills, talents, and styles further.

Interviews for this position will be conducted either in person or over Skype on Friday 3rd May or Saturday 4th May. Woroni is committed to diversity in hiring. It is important that our team reflects the diversity of the ANU community so that we can better tell stories about everyone at the ANU. As such, Woroni welcomes applications from students that are from a range of diverse backgrounds and identities. If you identify with a diverse background, feel free to let us know in your application. All applications will close at 11:59pm on Tuesday 30th April, 2019. Please feel free to email Julia Faragher (TV Editor) at with any further questions. 

Video Editor:

TV Video Editors will work closely with producers and camera operators in small teams, reporting directly to their assigned producer, as well as the TV Executive Producer and TV Editor. They will be responsible for tasks including but not limited to:

  • Pitching and providing input on video ideas and providing post-production insight during pre-production;
  • Cutting together footage for their respective productions, including externally sourcing stock-footage and/or royalty-free music when required; and
  • Basic colour corrections, audio corrections and graphics within editing.

The role is expected to require approx. 8-10 hours of work per week, including compulsory weekly team meetings that you must be available for (currently held on Sunday evenings). This is a volunteer position, with the possibility of honoraria. Video Editors must be available for initial communications via Slack from Sunday 5th May and they must be ready to jump straight in to video production. Ideal candidates will have a strong sense of audiovisual rhythm and have a knack for noticing and polishing the finer details in a video. They will be creative problem solvers who are constantly able to think outside the box and cut together a vision that might not have been obvious to the other members of their respective production teams. Most importantly, they must be a team-player, and willing to commit to a weekly content-production schedule.

Previous experience in any video editing package (particularly Adobe Premiere Pro) will be preferred, but not necessary. All training will be provided within the commencement of the role.