TV Team Applications Semester 2, 2023

Ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of video content? Ever wanted to learn how to operate a camera, edit together footage, and write scripts? Ever had an ingenious idea for a film or television series that you wanted to pitch and see greenlit? Are your courses just not scratching that creative itch of yours?

The answer is simple – apply for a position at Woroni TV!

Whether your end goal is some preparation for the media industry, looking for some fun, wanting to learn new skills, or just wanting to participate in the school community and/or Woroni, this is definitely an opportunity for you!

Each member of Woroni TV are exposed to hands-on experience with professional equipment and software to produce videos of various genres and styles, from short films to journalistic interviews! You don’t have to possess previous experience and/or technical skills in video-making. Our ideal candidate is one that is passionate about the creative process, is able to dedicate time and effort each week, are team-players, and is willing to learn if needed.