Christian Flynn: ‘Brighter Together’ Current Chair of the Interhall Council. 

 Samuel Lee: ‘Go the Distance’ Current ANUSA CASS Representative  

Zoe Ranganathan: ‘Proud! of our ANUSA’ Current ANUSA Disabilities Officer. 


Primary Policies:

Flynn’s platform is dedicated to enhancing student voices in relation to decisions on residential halls.

Lee’s platform is focused on promoting academic and welfare support for students and improving support for selected ANUSA representatives.  

Ranganathan is devoted to maintaining an inclusive and safe ANU, with a focus on ensuring the inclusion of disabled students and those with limited access to resources. 


On Students Living Off-Campus:

Flynn highlighted the need to engage with social media to reach people who live off campus and that ANUSA must work closely with Griffin Hall to ensure that off-campus students are not forgotten. He claims that instead of implementing new measures, there must be a focus on working with, and improving what is already in place.

Similarly, Lee is focused on reaching out and engaging off-campus students by promoting and creating videos on social media to engage a larger audience. He would increase advertisement of ANUSA to ensure that all students are aware of its existence.

Ranganathan claimed that off-campus students might not be aware of ANUSA and its social media outlets. She said that ANUSA must implement policies that assist off-campus students, rather than putting out infographics on social media.


On SASH Advocacy:

Flynn plans to expand the Respectful Relationships Unit to ensure that the ANU responds to survivors in a more timely, appropriate manner. He would also push to ensure that both a student and staff code of conduct is passed and ensure better training for all students and staff on the matter. He is focused on promoting restorative justice practices across the board and improving accountability. 

Lee is focused on implementing the NOUS review recommendations, in particular, the Cultural Change plans. These plans identify and address the cultural factors which are the root causes of many SASH incidents. Furthermore, he would like to open more conversation with the Women’s Department and push for additional pastoral care staff at all residential halls and colleges. 

Similar to her competitors, Ranganathan is determined to implement a restorative justice plan for the ANU. She believes that the VP requires a clear plan and vision, a quality she believes that she possesses. She identifies the need for a strong reform in light of the AHRC survey.


On Supporting Department Officers: 

Lee is passionate about ensuring that there is enough support provided to department officers. He would push to set up monthly, regular meetings with Officers and General Representatives to ensure that all leaders are being supported. He adds that it is all about starting a conversation and providing that level of support to all, including junior executive members. 

Flynn would provide support to those in leadership positions and ensure that they are continuously checked-up upon. He draws on his experience from being a Senior Resident at Wamburun, and claims that he is capable of delivering such support. 

Ranganathan outlines her policy on student upskill that provides students with the support and training that they need to respond and handle matters that are brought to them. She claims that the first step in addressing a problem is to understand it, and she believes that she has the experience required to do so. 


On Ensuring ANUSA Funding: 

Ranganathan claims she understands the SSAF model and will argue in support of the funding remaining the same in the post COVID-19 climate. She will push for the defunding of unnecessary areas to ensure that ANUSA is provided with the required amount to maintain the support that it provides to students. Furthermore, she said that if ANU wants to ‘survive’, it must provide SSAF to ANUSA. 

Flynn will bid for the money with an understanding of the value of money. Furthermore, he will push to ensure that there is enough money for emergency grants.

Likewise, Lee claims that he will fight for the rights of ANUSA and ANU students, stating that he cares about them and will push for what they deserve.


On Welfare:

Lee proposes a mental health awareness panel to de-stigmatise mental health. He draws on his experience from delivering a homelessness awareness panel. Furthermore, he would push to raise awareness about mental health and use his platform to deliver this. 

 Flynn says  it is important to ensure that Gen-Reps and College Representatives are taken care of. His policy is oriented towards ensuring that those at residential halls are supported. He will push to provide greater resources for all leaders across the ANU. 

Ranganathan claims she will provide support to those suffering from mental illness, and enhance training for ANUSA representatives. Her experience as Disabilities Officer demonstrates her capabilities in this space in ensuring free mental health services during COVID-19.


On Academic Advocacy:

Lee advocates strongly against the cuts to staff and courses, and acted in favour of banning Proctorio from the ANU. He will push to improve the services of Academic Skills and ANU Careers and promote workshops for students. He claims that he will lead the grassroots effort to ensure that academic advocacy grows within the University.

Flynn will push to halt staff pay cuts and protect students against a significant decline in quality of education. He will advocate to ensure that positions that are vital to student well-being and learning continue Flynn will additionally will promote the accountability of the ANU in relation to taking into consideration SELT feedback.

Ranganathan will ensure accessibility for students with Educational Access Plans by promoting an opt-in system for tutorials, and to implement a gradual tutorial enrolment scheme that would benefit regional and remote students. 


On Rent Increases:

Flynn claims that it is important to respect the IHC by remaining supportive and ensuring continuous consultation between the IHC and the halls. He will push for a memorandum of understanding with the IHC. 

Lee will remain an advocate that works collaboratively with the IHC to ensure that rent is not increased. 

 Ranganathan says she will put the ANU into a position where they are forced to back down. She will push for more innovative measures like the Housing Co-Op to ensure that all students are able to have accommodation.


A previous version of this article misstated that Christian Flynn was an off campus student.

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