‘Spice Up – Diversify Your NUS’ has announced their launch of candidates for NUS delegates, the only positions the ticket is contesting. This ticket is aligned with the National Labor Student (NLS) faction. As such, both candidates if elected would vote with the NLS faction at the National Conference (NatCon). 

The ticket aims to represent People of Colour and International students’ concerns – “often forgotten groups on our campuses and around the country”, and are “committed to making sure that the concerns and issues of students are heard loud and clear at a national level.” 

‘Spice Up – Diversify Your NUS’ is running two candidates, Zoe Ranganathan and Vincent Lee. ANUSA can send up to five NUS delegates to NatCon. Ranganathan currently serves as the ANUSA Disabilities Officer and Lee is a General Representative on ANUSA. Both Lee and Ranganathan are described as having “a proven record for standing up for People of Colour and International Students at NUS National Conference, as well as a proven record of activism within ANUSA.”

Ranganathan has already announced her run for the position of Vice-President, running in the ‘Proud! of our ANUSA’ ticket, headed by Ben Wicks. ‘Proud! Of our ANUSA’ however is not running any candidates for NUS delegates. 

Ticket convener Abby Flynn justifies Ranganathan’s involvement in both tickets as “Vice President and NUS Delegate are positions that are independent of each other and it is important to make a distinction between the two.” Flynn clarified that  “‘Proud! Of our ANUSA’ empowered any candidate who wished to do so to run separately for NUS … however wanted to keep the focus of ‘Proud’ squarely on how they can continue the amazing work that ANUSA has done so far.” ‘Spice Up – Diversify Your NUS’ believe that  “running on a separate ticket for NUS allows these issues to be highlighted and brought to the foreground of the electoral contest.” 

The launch of ‘Spice Up – Diversify Your NUS’ brings the total number of tickets/ independents running for ANUSA to twelve.

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