As ANUSA elections come to an end, Woroni has broken down the electoral data detailing turnout. 

This year, voting closed on Thursday 3rd September at 12:00 pm. Of the 17,722 eligible voters for the ANUSA Annual Elections, only 1954 students voted. The total voter turnout was 11.02% which puts it behind last year’s turnout of 12.06%, behind 2019’s turnout of 11.86%, and ahead of 2018’s turnout of 9.38%. 

Graph supplied by Noah Yim.

The first day of the election saw a peak in turnout, with 1590 being cast from Monday midday to Monday midnight, or 8.97% total voter turnout. This means that 81.37% of votes were casted in the first 12 hours. Turnout then stagnated during the following days of the election, with a slight rise in the final hours. 

The Fossil Fuels Divestment Referendum received a lower voter turnout. Out of the 17,722 eligible voters, the referendum received 1496 votes, amounting to a turnout of 8.44%. 

Voting for the referendum opened on August 30th at 9:00am. In the first 12 hours of voting, it received 1011 voters, amounting to 5.70% of voter turnout. This means 67.58% of votes were cast in the first 12 hours. 

Graph supplied by Noah Yim.