Michael Matheson-Deng has launched his platform for the upcoming ANUSA elections. Hoping to be elected as General Representative, Matheson-Deng will focus on making the campus dog-friendly. He hopes to “improve the quality of life for students on campus, by providing better accessibility to our favourite 4-legged serotonin factories”.

Matheson-Deng only has one policy: to get the ANU to implement a dog shelter on campus. He says that “it’ll be like a café/library for dogs, and you can borrow and walk shelter dogs during business hours”. He states that there needs to be “more accessible dogs on campus”. 

The candidates Business Proposal states that: “[w]ith a notable percentage of students who live on campus and all on-campus residencies not allowing student pets of any kind, it is unlikely many students have any consistent access to dogs. That’s where DSoC (Dog Shelter on Campus project) steps in”. The Proposal continues, “[w]ith a library-esque feel, students would be able to ‘borrow’ dogs for hourly slots, just with use of their student ID cards”. Matheson-Deng states that walkers “will need to undergo a one-off training session and we would need to collect all relevant details”. You can find more information regarding the Business Proposal here.  

Matheson-Deng does not have any political affiliations.