'Get Sh!t Done' Launches Ticket

CW: This article contains mentions of sexual assault and sexual harassment.
get sh!t done for ANUSA

The first official ticket of the 2021 ANU Students’ Association Election, ‘Get Sh!t Done for ANUSA’ has officially launched their campaign. The ticket is focused on student leadership from “true student unionists” who aren’t here “to pad their resumes for fancy law firms or consultancy companies”, but rather to bring meaningful change into ANUSA.

The ticket’s press release states that ANUSA has become “increasingly caught up in its bureaucratic process as a service arm for the university,” and expressed belief that the Student Association has failed to “truly fulfil the actions of a union”. In their view, to be the best union possible, ANUSA requires new, fresh voices.

The ticket is composed of candidates from a wide range of academic disciplines and study-year levels. There is also a strong representation of early-year students, first-generation university students, regional students, and those from low-SES backgrounds.

The ticket has not put forward candidates for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Social Officer, or any College Representatives except for the College of Asia and the Pacific and the College of Science. 

‘Get Sh!t Done for ANUSA’s ticket is as follows:

Sinead Winn (she/her) is the current Disabilities Officer and is running for Welfare Officer this year. She states that she wants to be “a strong voice representing … students, who currently feel like this association – their union – doesn’t work for them”. She claims that her policy “is aimed at making real change for these students, and helping build an ANUSA that does get shit done”. Winn will be choosing to sit with National Labor students if elected to be a NUS Delegate. 

Elijah Smith (he/him) is currently the Community Officer for the Clubs Council Executive and will be running for Clubs Officer this year. Elijah has a wealth of experience being involved in a range of ANU clubs and societies which he says are the lifeblood of the University. He strives to make ANUSA an “easier, clearer and more productive system of clubs at the ANU” while representing students from low SES and regional backgrounds.

Lucy Skelton (she/her), who is set to fill a casual vacancy as a General Representative for ANUSA on the SRC, will be running for Education Officer and NUS Delegate. Lucy brings a passion for activism to the ticket and hopes to use the position of Education Officer to stand up for higher education, students rights and climate change action, not just at a university level but at a federal level. She says that ANUSA now “treads water in a sea of bureaucracy,” and hopes to redefine ANUSA as a “refreshing example as to what universities across the country should be doing to go above and beyond for their students.” She will be sitting with the National Labor Students at the NUS.

Azraa Hussain (she/they) is currently the Deputy Women’s Officer and will be running as a General Representative and as an NUS Delegate. Azraa hopes to use her passion to enact change in the SASH space as well as advocate for student unionism at the ANU. She will be sitting with the National Labor Students at the NUS.

Sejay Segal (he/him) will be running as a General Representative this year. A first year Law student, he will aim to use the role as an opportunity to bring about positive change to the ANU and hopes that more and more students will have the opportunity to flourish in both their campus and student lives.

Dorcas Bugeme (she/her) is currently involved in the ANU SUN Society and will be running this year as a General Representative. A first year Language and PPE Student, Dorcas is passionate about improving the experience of first year students on campus and hopes to advocate for regional, rural and remote students as well as low SES and first generation university backgrounds. 

Hebe Ren (she/her) is currently the General Representative for the ANU International Relations Society and the Social Representative of the International Student Department. She will be running as a General Representative this year. A first year International Relations student studying remotely, she hopes to use the role as a platform to advocate for the needs and wellbeing of international students and those studying remotely. She also hopes to actively campaign for the return of international students to Australia.

Izzy Rigda (she/her) is running for General Representative. She is involved in a number of societies and organisations such as the Australian Youth Climate Coalition Club, the Women’s Department, the Environment Collective and the Refugee Action Campaign. A second year Business Administration and Arts student, she hopes to bring a passion for SASH advocacy and student equity to the role while striving to implement more environmental practices at the University.

Kishaya Lye (she/her) will be running as a General Representative for the ticket. A first year Development Studies and Arts student, Kishaya is passionate about environmental activism and strives to use the role as an opportunity to advocate sustainability options at the University. 

Nik Clementi (he/him) will be running as CAP Representative this year and is also the First Year Representative for the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific Students’ Society. As a first year Security Studies and Science student, he hopes to use the position of a General Representative to help create a College of Asia and the Pacific which better engages students.

Sam Shaw (she/her), a third year International Relations and Political Science student, will be running as a General Representative this year. As a General Representative she hopes to bring a passion for student unionism and SASH to ANUSA and hopes to contribute to making the ANU a safer space for all students. As an NUS Delegate she will ensure that the NUS will act in the interest of all universities around Australia and their students and as such she will sit with the NLS.

Sashini Liyanage (she/her) is running for General Representative and NUS Delegate this election. She is a first year Economics student aiming to make students’ university experience “as positive as possible” and wants to ensure “students graduate university as conscientious and well-equipped members of wider society. Liyanage will sit with the NLS if elected as NUS Delegate. 

Deanna Athanasos (she/her) is running for General Representative for ANUSA. A first year law student, Deanna hopes to make every “student feel valued and have a good experience at ANU”. 

Sasha Titovs (he/him), currently a first year studying a PhB focusing on Physics is running for JCOS Representative for ANUSA. Titovs has passion within astrophysics, the environment and wants to make JCOS communicate better with its student body. 

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