‘Get Going For ANUSA’ has officially launched their ticket, releasing a policy manifesto detailing their objectives. The ticket aims to make ANUSA as “simple and straightforward” as possible and does not intend to seek “global or national change”. It is aligned with the ANU Liberal Club, and none of its candidates are running for NUS delegate.

‘Get Going’ has put forward nine candidates, all running for General Representative positions. They are:

  • Yuta Kamiya Murray
  • Brooke McKinell
  • Peerson Lynch
  • Lincoln Rayner
  • Benjamin Stace
  • Matteo Moro
  • Charlotte Menaugh
  • Georgia Hawke (will be appearing on the ballot as ‘Georgia’)
  • Madelie Joubert 

The ticket presents seven objectives as detailed below:

Objective one opposes an “Activist ANUSA”. According to their manifesto, ANUSA members who deem themselves as “activists” often “lose sight of the responsibility the students expect of them”. As such, they intend to focus on student-related issues, rather than “issues that [they] cannot fix”. 

The second objective aims for a “proactive approach to the environment”. Instead of “souring the relationships between [students] and the university through hollow protests”, they strive to enact proper policies by “proactively engaging with the university”. 

Their third objective hopes to bring back smoking areas to reduce litter. Whilst the ticket does not promote the culture around smoking, they want to represent the students who do. Thus, they “believe that the bins should be brought back and the smoking areas revitalised with proper sanitation methods”. 

The ticket’s fourth objective is centred on supporting students during COVID-19 lockdowns in light of the introduction of E-SAHO restrictions for on-campus students. ‘Get Going’’ states that “ANUSA should proactively work with the ANU to make sure the interests of students are heard,’ including the introduction of one week academic breaks every time a major COVID-19 outbreak is declared and campus restrictions are classified as ‘extreme.’

Their fifth objective is that ANUSA must provide better resources and advocacy for international students and find ways of accommodating students studying remotely with better online services and academic support. 

Objective six concerns giving ANU students an opportunity to opt out of paying SSAF fees. ‘Get Going’ believes that “the involuntary nature of this tax on all students, regardless of whether they interact with campus” is unjust, and that the SSAF payment requirement should be “made voluntary so as to accommodate those who find it impossible to reap the benefits [of ANUSA].”

Their final objective is to ensure that PPE gear is provided both to SRs and students on campus. They state that SRs are the “backbone of the community in our residences and continually they have been proven to be mistreated whether by inactivity or poor organisation, especially during this crisis.” As such, the ticket aims to provide effective PPE to all students and SRs so that they can continue “to do the essential and unifying community work that they do daily.”

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