Lift’s Eleanor Kay will be the 2018 ANUSA president, after a student election which saw the largest voter turnout in at least a decade.

But Kay will face a split executive, with Shake Up’s Mariah Chang elected treasurer and Anya Bonan elected social officer.

Cameron Allan, Shake Up’s presidential candidate, was elected National Union of Students (NUS) delegate.

Every college will have a Shake Up and Lift representative except the College of Engineering and Computer Science, where two Shake Up candidates were elected.

The two tickets of general representatives had limited success, with only Activate and Stand Apart gaining one general representative seat each. The ticket convenors, Activate’s Nick Douros and Stand Apart’s Ashish Nagesh, were elected.

Howard Maclean, the independent candidate for general secretary, University Council member and NUS delegate, has only been elected as an NUS delegate.

Kay will also serve as the University Council member, despite the election giving the option to students for the first time to vote for this position separately to the president.