In an email sent to students today, the ANU confirmed that the CRS/CRN grading system will be offered to students who received a grade change for a Semester 2, Winter or Spring course between 8th December 2021 – 11th March 2022.

The University stated that these changes would apply to students who “…may have had an interim grade…that has since resolved to a final grade” or “an assessment appeal that has seen your final grade adjusted.” This includes students who previously had a Result Pending (RP), Deferred Assessment (DA), or an Offer of Supplementary Assessment (PX) grade on their transcript.

This grading system will be opt-in and does not apply to students who wish to keep their received grades. This system allows opting-in on a course-by-course basis, with students not required to opt-in for all of their courses. For example, a student may apply for one course to receive a CRS/CRN grade, but retain their original grades for their other courses. 

Once an application for CRS/CRN grade is processed, it is irreversible. The University also noted that students with outstanding fees will not have their applications for CRS/CRN considered until these fees are resolved. Some courses are excluded from the CRS/CRN system, meaning students cannot receive a CRS/CRN grade for these courses. 

To apply for a CRS/CRN grade under these changes, students are required to complete this form between March 14th and March 18th 2022 (11:59 AEDT). This is a strictly limited window, and the only time that students will be able to apply for these changes.