It’s not hard for first years to feel out of their depth at ANU: you probably don’t know anything about campus, and you might not know any of your fellow students.

But thanks to the connective powers of social media, this can all be helped. There are many Facebook groups related to various elements of ANU campus life that you can join to learn more about the community, meet other students and prepare yourself for the year ahead.

Here are the Facebook groups that every first year should consider joining:

New @ANU 2018

No doubt some of you have already joined this group, but if not, here is where you should start. New @ANU 2018 is group for new students to introduce and connect with each other, as well ask questions and share information with those who need it. If you need help with ISIS, want to find a study spot that no one knows about or just want to make friends, this group will be a necessity in your transition to university.

ANUSA Department Groups

Starting university is scary for all of us, but it can be particularly challenging if you’re from a minority group and worry that you won’t meet anyone who understands what you’ve been through. Luckily, ANUSA has several departments for students from minority groups, most of which have Facebook groups. In these groups, you can share your experiences, find out about social functions and ultimately, meet people who are like you. You can find Facebook groups for the ANU Women’s Department, Ethnocultural Department, Queer Department, Disabilities Student Association and International Students’ Department among others.

ANU Schmidtposting

If you find that exposure to memes, course advice and debates over whether or not Lorde was robbed for the number one Hottest 100 spot are missing in your life, this is the group for you. Students mostly come here to have a giggle and a chat, two things that you will desperately need at some point during the year. Whether it’s sharing opinions on the best electives to take or discussing conspiracy theories, ANU Schmidtposting has it all!

Textbook Exchange

A common anxiety among first-years is not knowing how to get a hold on their textbooks. If this is the case for you, the textbook exchange Facebook group is the best means by which to banish this fear. Later-year students frequently put their used textbooks up for sale at a second-hand price that is affordable to most first year students. If you don’t immediately find what you need, you can always make a post saying what books you’re looking for — odds are someone will have them.


The ANU housing group is what you need in your life if you’re unsure about accommodation offers or want to find a share house. In this group, you will find advertisement after advertisement for places to live near the ANU. If you’re looking for a particular kind of accommodation, such as an affordable apartment within walking distance from the university, you can always write a post about it and it’s likely that someone will be willing to help you.

Free & For Sale

In a similar vein, Free and For Sale advertises anything you could possibly want. Maybe you’re about to move into your share house or residential hall without any furniture. Maybe you’re a stationery nerd aching for a multicoloured set of pens to fill up your brand new pencil case. Maybe you’ve broken your laptop and are in desperate need for a new one so that you can actually enrol in your classes. No matter which one you are, joining the Free & For Sale group is essential.

Residential Hall Groups

Most halls and colleges, including Lena Karmel Lodge, Fenner Hall and Griffin Hall, have their own Facebook groups for students who wish to connect with other students in their residence. Senior residents are always happy to answer any questions and give any advice that you need, as well as guide you towards the hall’s upcoming social events. In these groups, you can meet people, chat and make sure that you’re on top of everything that’s going on in your hall.

Discipline-specific Groups

No matter what your degree may be, you will probably be able to find a Facebook group for it! Whether it be CASS students @ANU, Science students @ANU, CAP students at ANU or any other group you can find that’s related to your field of study, it will likely help you in your first year. These groups are designed to share information about courses and events within the college to which your page is related, something that’ll be a big help as you start your degree.

Jobs and Internships

One of the best ways to get ahead in your dream career is, indeed, to go to university. However, another hugely important way is to do an internship or two. The Jobs and Internships Facebook group makes this a whole lot easier. You will see posts on a regular basis that advertise a job or intern position that might just catch your fancy. The variety of jobs and internships on offer is wide, with positions appealing to students with backgrounds from business and economics to visual art and photography.

Free Food at ANU

It’s not cheap to be a university student and it can be time consuming to have to learn how to cook a wide variety of dishes. These things make a good meal hard to come by during your university years. Free Food at ANU attempts to cure this, with its number one rule being “tell everyone about free food!” and its number two rule being “tell EVERYONE about free food!”. As the name suggests, you will be able to find a plethora of free food opportunities advertised in this groups, which will be your saviour during O-Week and into the rest of your first year.


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