Electoral reform: an abstention is essentially a no vote

The meeting begins with another constitutional note from General Secretary Lachy Day. Day said the decision from last meeting means that an abstention is essentially a no vote. If a person wants to abstain, they can leave the room as long as quorum is not lost.

SELT Changes

‘Beyond Student Experience of Learning and Teaching’ is a project headed by Campbell Clapp. The SELTs, the survey available for students to provide feedback to courses, are becoming confidential instead of anonymous. The justification is that it means ‘the University can take the appropriate action if there are any disclosures.’

Clapp said that a draft process had been created, in which names would be released to the Dean of Students after a panel is convened to determine if it’s a necessary step. This process could begin if a student discloses harm to themselves or others, or if bullying or harassment has taken place. Once the names were released, further action could be taken, specifically either disciplinary action or help offered to the student.

ANUSA is Missing $150 000

Dashveen Jose, ANUSA Treasurer, wrote in his SRC report: “Upon investigation, it appears the university owes ANUSA $153,219 from the mid-year SSAF round 2018.” Jose said the mistake was found in an audit, and the association is now trying to recover the funds.

Kambri Reference Group

Social Officer Matthew Mottola sits on the Reference Group, and provides input into the “events and operational requirements” of the new Kambri Precinct. He provided feedback on the student experience of Kambri and is collating further feedback for the group.

“The response was more by way of shock and confusion regarding student’s not wanting to hold events in the Marie Rae Teaching Centre and being priced out of the venues.”

Motion 8.3 – Palm Sunday Rally

Student Wren Sommerville moved Motion 8.3, about the upcoming Refugee Action Campaign Palm Sunday Rally. The motion called for ANUSA to support the Palm Sunday Rally and to condemn offshore detention, boat turnbacks and anti-refugee sentiment from the Government and Opposition. The motion asks ANUSA to put out a statement supporting refugees, co-host and share the Palm Sunday rally on facebook and in the ANUSA newsletter.

An amendment suggested ANUSA focus on student safety at events, to ensure political parties’ distributions of political materials are not condoned by ANUSA. General Representatives argued it was about ANUSA doing due diligence and was not a barrier to participation. The mover of the original motion disagreed.

The amendment passed, and then the motion as a whole passed.

Gripes over the International Students Welcome Evening (ISWE)

The long-running event, usually coordinated by PARSA and the ISD, saw conflict between organisers as well as venue trouble.

ISD reported disagreement with PARSA over the event, with the Officer saying at SRC that their communication was “condescending”. There were early discussions of the ISD increasing their usual spending on the event, but this did not eventuate. The higher financial contribution eventually made by PARSA allegedly led to their insistence that they receive a more prominent space in advertising the event.

The event itself, catered for 400 people, saw an attendance of 200 people. This was attributed to the rain and the location of the event – Kambri Drama Theatre. The Theatre was chosen for its lower cost and seemingly larger floor plan.

“The location as less-than-ideal as the air-condition did not seem to be working. The Drama Theatre was stuffy, small and dull. In my opinion, it was not suited for an event like ISWE.”

“All in all, despite all the hiccups, I believe the attendees enjoyed themselves”.

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