On Tuesday 24th August 2021, ANUSA held a Special General Meeting during which a motion to vote on the first of two budget changes this year was considered and passed by the quorum. 

This COVID-19 emergency budget will transfer $188,000 to increase funding for student assistance programs and ANUSA grants, ANUSA’s legal services, as well as assistance with wage theft, students losing work, and tenancy issues for both on and off campus ANU students. This money has been transferred from other line items of the existing ANUSA budget. 

Due to the increased demand placed on ANUSA services during the ACT COVID-19 lockdown, it is anticipated this money will last until the end of next month. Additionally, this significant addition of funds was made possible as money that would have been spent elsewhere, is no longer applicable due to the ACT COVID-19 lockdown. Moreover, this announcement comes as $20,000 has been processed in the last week, as ANUSA is facing an increasing amount of financial and academic cases at the moment.

ANUSA will continue to advocate for financial services for students through the extension of the lockdown. 

Another budget will be voted on later this year.