ANUSA has passed the “Support Health Before Profits” motion during its most recent SRC meeting. 

The motion called on ANUSA to support a zero COVID community transmission target before reopening the national and ACT economy. 

Actions within the motion included endorsing the national “Lockdown to Zero – Health Before Profits” campaign, opposing the Federal Government’s National Plan and calling on Chief Minister Andrew Barr to continue a COVID elimination strategy.

The “Lockdown to Zero – Health Before Profits” campaign, composed of academics, workers and students who oppose the Federal Government’s National Plan, details their platform as one that is “devoted to fighting back against the reckless shift on COVID-19 health policy.” 

The campaign not only supports pursuing zero COVID community transmission but also providing greater financial support to students and workers to stay home, a moratorium on tenant evictions and the closure of all non-essential workplaces during lockdown. 

The motion also called on the ANU as well as the ACT and NSW Governments to recommence the safe return of international students to Australia.  

Moved by Nicholas Carlton and seconded by Wren Somerville, the motion was passed during ANUSA’s recent SRC meeting of 2021 on the 22nd of September, the full motion and meeting minutes can be read here.