ANUSA Election polls open today at 9am. Nearly every position is contested, including all executive positions. Here’s a run-down of all the candidates. 


Two candidates are running for President, Christian Flynn (Grassroots) and Blake Iafeta (Do Better! with Blake Iafeta). Similarly, two candidates are contesting the Vice-President position, Chido Nyakuengama (Grassroots) and Blake Iafeta (Do Better! with Blake Iafeta). The General Secretary race is slightly more competitive, with three candidates in the running: Ben Yates (Grassroots), Josh Polak (Back on Track) and Blake Iafeta (Do Better! with Blake Iafeta). 


Meanwhile, the race for Treasurer has two candidates: Jaya Ryan (Grassroots) and Blake Iafeta (Do Better! with Blake Iafeta). The Education Officer pool is crowded, with four candidates, Grace Carter (Left Action), Blake Iafeta (Do Better! with Blake Iafeta), Beatrice Tucker (Grassroots), and Lucy Skelton. Likewise, four candidates are competing for Welfare Officer: Grace King (Grassroots), Sinead Winn (Get Sh!t Done), Sebastian Tierney (Seb for Welfare), and Blake Iafeta (Do Better! with Blake Iafeta). 


Rounding out the executive races are the four candidates battling for Clubs Officer: Phoenix O’Neill (Grassroots), Elijah Smith (Get Sh!t Done), Su-En Hia (Independent), and Jeffery Yang (Have a Jab with Jeffery). 


In the College Representative arena, the field is full of candidates from a range of tickets. CASS Representative has been filled, with Phillip Kim (Back on Track) elected unopposed, leaving the other spot vacant. Phoebe Denman (Grassroots) and Kayla (Xinyi) Li (Independent) have also been elected unopposed as CECS representatives. 


Five candidates are running for two CAP representative positions: Nathanael Kwon (Grassroots), Max McNaught (Grassroots), Nikhil Clementi (Get Sh!t Done), Meg Billson (Back on Track), and Blake Iafeta (Do Better! with Blake Iafeta). Similarly, five candidates are contesting the two JCOS representative roles: Sai Campbell (Grassroots), Shriya Bellamkonda-Vaka (Grassroots), Sasha Titovs (Get Sh!t Done), Louise Godhard (Back on Track), and Oliver Hervir (Independent). 


Two Grassroots candidates – Isha Singhal and Rania Teguh – are running for CBE representative against Blake Iafeta (Do Better! with Blake Iafeta). Meanwhile, Katie Byrnes and Neha Kalele of Grassroots face Adam Busselman (Back on Track) in the race for two CoL representatives. 

Amongst Department Officer roles, three have been filled unopposed, independents Vincent Lee as Queer* Officer, Thomas O’Donnell as Disabilities Officer, and Elise Chua (Grassroots) as Environment Officer. The remaining positions are not contested at this stage.


In the NUS Delegate race, sixteen candidates are vying for five positions. Grassroots has five candidates for the delegate position: Luca Corby, Phoenix O’Neill, Chido Nyakuengama, Ben Yates, and Christian Flynn. Get Sh!t Done also fields five candidates with Sinead Winn, Lucy Skelton, Azraa Hussain, Sam Shaw, and Sashini Liyanage. Back on Track has put forward four candidates, including Samuel Macrae, Meg Billson, Ben Naiju, and Alex Nancarrow. Two other candidates are running, Blake Iafeta (Do Better! with Blake Iafeta) and Grace Carter (Left Action). 


The General Representative race is packed, with twenty-nine candidates fighting for just fourteen positions. This includes candidates from Grassroots, Get Sh!t Done, Get Going, Back on Track, Left Action, independent Michael Matheson-Deng, and Blake Iafeta (Do Better! with Blake Iafeta). 


List of General Representative Candidates:


Blake Iafeta Do Better! with Blake Iafeta
Alex Nancarrow Back on Track
Ben Naiju Back on Track
Raf Priest  Back on Track
Samuel MacRae Back on Track
Azraa Hussain Get Sh!t done for ANUSA
Deanna Athanasos Get Sh!t done for ANUSA
Dorcas Bugeme Get Sh!t done for ANUSA
Yuxin (Hebe) Ren Get Sh!t done for ANUSA
Izzy Rigda Get Sh!t done for ANUSA
Kishaya Lye Get Sh!t done for ANUSA
Samantha Shaw Get Sh!t done for ANUSA
Sashini Liyanage Get Sh!t done for ANUSA
Sejay Segal Get Sh!t done for ANUSA
Ben Stace Get Going for ANUSA
Brooke McKinnell Get Going for ANUSA
Charlotte Menagh Get Going for ANUSA
Georgia Breynard Get Going for ANUSA
Lincoln Rayner Get Going for ANUSA
Madelie Joubert Get Going for ANUSA
Matteo Moro Get Going for ANUSA
Yuta Kamiya Get Going for ANUSA
Peerson Lynch  Get Going for ANUSA
Nick Carlton Left Action 
Michael Matheson-Deng Ungrouped 
Luca Corby  Grassroots ANUSA
Kai Dreyfus-Ballesi Grassroots ANUSA
Ben Harms  Grassroots ANUSA
Elodie de Rover  Grassroots ANUSA
Luke Harrison  Grassroots ANUSA
Paria Najafzadeh  Grassroots ANUSA
Katrina Ha  Grassroots ANUSA
Evan Meneses  Grassroots ANUSA
Oscar Pearce  Grassroots ANUSA
Will Smith-Gander Grassroots ANUSA


Polls open at 9am on Monday the 30th of August and will close at 12pm on Thursday the 2nd of September. Results are expected after polls close.

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