Candidates for ANUSA Elections

After several weeks of campaign and ticket launches, and with much anticipation, the nominations for the 2020 ANUSA Elections are finalised. There are 107 candidates in total, an increase from last years 94. No executive positions nor General Representative positions are unopposed, while all Department Officers and the CAP, JCOS, and CECS Representatives are. 


The positions that have been elected unopposed are: 

Environment Officer – Luca Corby 

Disabilities Officer – Zoe Adam 

Ethnocultural Officer – Zenia Vasaiwalla 

Indigenous Officer – Maddison Crowe 

International Officer – Markus C 

Queer* Officer – Aisling Arnould 

Women’s Officer – Miriam Wicks-Wilson 

College of Asia & the Pacific Representative – Andre Kwok  

College of Asia & the Pacific Representative – Meg Billson

Joint Colleges of Science Representative – Sai Campbell  

Joint Colleges of Science Representative – Su-En Hia 

College of Engineering & Computer Science Representative – Sandy Ma 

College of Engineering & Computer Science Representative – Swatantra Roy  


While there are notably more unopposed positions than 2019, the competition for positions on the Executive and for Gen Reps is notably more crowded. Moreover, many of the candidates for executive positions are currently on the SRC. These candidates are: 

Madhumitha Janagaraja – President (currently Vice-President)  

Skanda Panditharatne – President (currently Education Officer) 

Ben Wicks – President (currently Gen Rep) 

James Eveille – President (currently CASS Rep)  

Samuel Lee – Vice-President (currently CASS Rep) 

Zoe Ranganathan – Vice-President (currently Disabilities Officer) 

Jacob Ellis – Education Officer (currently Gen Rep) 

Ben Yates – General Secretary (currently Gen Rep)  

Louis Gordon – Treasurer (currently Gen Rep) 

Siang Jin Law – Treasurer (currently Women’s Officer) 

Sophie Jaggar – Social Officer (currently Social Officer) 


The full list of candidates are as below: 



Madhumitha Janagaraja 

Skanda Panditharatne

Brad Saines 

Ben Wicks 

James Eveille 


Undergraduate Member on ANU Council  

Madhumitha Janagaraja 

Skanda Panditharatne

Brad Saines 

Ben Wicks  

James Eveille

Benjamin Chesler 

Kai Clark 



Samuel Lee 

Zoe Ranganathan 

Christian Flynn 


General Secretary 

Meghan Malone 

Dominic Harvey-Taylor 

Ben Yates 

Dhruv Phutela 

Chloe Tuazon

Jordyn Gibson 


Education Officer 

Maddie Chia 

John Dove 

Wren Sommerville 

Jacob Ellis 

Sophie Macdonald



Stefan Thottunkal 

Louis Gordon 

Rafe Murray 

Siang Jin Law


Social Officer 

Bella Hewitt 

Madelene Watson

Sophie Jaggar


Ethnocultural Officer 

Zenia Vasaiwalla


Indigenous Officer 

Maddison Crowe


Women’s Officer 

Miriam Wicks-Wilson


Queer* Officer 

Aisling Arnould 


Environment Officer 

Luca Corby 


General Representatives 

Isabelle Gribin

Avan Daruwalla 

Claire Noack 

Destiny Harding 

Franklin Hooper 

Isabella Vacaflores 

Kendall Jiao

Kensley Crowley 

Max Cleversley 

Neha Kalele 

Niam Foxcroft 

Phoenix O’Neill 

Rania Teguh 

Aaron Bronitt 

Edward Lawrie 

Grace Carter 

Tess Carlton 

Nick Carlton

Saad Khalid 

Elijah Smith 

Jaya Ryan 

Mekala Navaratne 

Casper Wallen 

Catherine Yeong 

Corby Howell 

Grace King 

Isha Singhal 

Lachlan Kaye 

Noa Amiry 

Biana Barrass-Borzatti 

Dri Sinhababu 

Phillip Kim 

Alexander Matters 

Dorothee Steinbach 

Marlow Meares 

Chloe Tuazon 

Charlotte Menagh 

Chelsea Demster 

Eliza Joy Maher 

Hamish Wark 

Harrison Colquhoun 

Jenson Barker 

Lilian Law 

Max Evans 

Michael Torkington 

Riyan Aggarwal 

Sanoj Jayakody 

Tony Haochuan Wu 


College of Arts & Social Sciences Representative 

Aryanne Caminschi 

Joshua Start 

Mia Zhou 

Yasmin Kirk 

Benjamin Capovilla


College of Asia & the Pacific Representative 

Andre Kwok 

Meg Billson


College of Engineering & Computer Science Representative 

Sandy Ma 

Swatantra Roy 


Joint Colleges of Science Representative 

Sai Campbell 

Su-En Hia 


College of Law Representative

Lily Henke 

Isabel Marsh 

Tim Smith 


College of Business & Economics Representative 

Jayden Pham 

Riley Smithers 

Eleanor Hickey 

Thomas Gilbert 

Aarfa Khan 

Alex Rigby 


NUS Delegates

John Dove 

Aaron Bronitt 

Madhumitha Janagaraja 

Skanda Panditharatne

Siang Jin Law 

Christian Flynn 

Luca Corby 

Wren Sommerville 

NIick Carlton 

Grace Hill 

Jacob Ellis 

Mekala Navaratne 

Jordyn Gibson 

Sophie Macdonald 

Alexander Matters 

Dorothee Steinbach 

Marlow Meares 

James Eveille 

Vincent Li 

Zoe Ranganathan  

Chloe Tuazon 

Ben Yates

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