Join Woroni Radio for 2022

Involved in organising the wildest of concerts, interviewing the biggest guests, and producing some of the best student-led content – is this your next step towards a career in media?

Woroni invites Students to apply for the role(s) of Events Officer (x2), Broadcast Producer (x6), and Special Content Features Producer (x2) on our Broadcast Team for Semester 1, 2022.

Events Officers

Woroni Radio was once known for its wild parties, and though COVID has put a damper on our ability to host big events, that doesn’t mean we’ll be slowing down in 2022. We’re looking for a motivated individual who is interested in developing workshop and other event ideas and has a knack for keeping events COVID-safe. As an Events Officer your responsibilities will include;

  • Creating events that benefit the student community.
  • Adhering to ANU policy in regards to events, including filling out Functions on Campusforms.
  • Ensuring COVID safe practices are in place for all events.

Creating safe and welcoming environments for students of all backgrounds.

The ideal candidate will be creative, conscientious and able to effectively manage their responsibilities. This role is approximately 5 hours per week and the successful candidate will receive honoraria based on their commitment to the role at the end of Semester One.

Broadcast Producers

Our station and studio space in Kambri is home to some of the best student-created content across Australia. With over 40 weekly shows, our Broadcast Producers support the talents of our community and help to ideate, develop, and publish a wide range of content on our Spotify, on our Radio website, and Socials. You will be working in close coordination with the Editor (Head of Radio) and the Team to grow the Station, the Radio brand, and yourself in the wide world of media!

You’ll learn the technicals of a Broadcast studio and use high-grade equipment for a wide range of scenarios. No two weeks will be the same, with each session bringing on new challenges and possibilities. Past Producers have gone on to work for the ABC, for the SBS, and out-and-about into the real world with this experience – it sure is valuable!

You would be expected to commit 6-8hrs per week to this role, with no prior experience required. All we need is a creative mind and a go-getter attitude! Past examples of our Output are available under ‘Woroni Radio’ on Spotify and on our social media.

The successful candidate will also receive a sum of honoraria based on their commitment to the role at the end of Semester One.

Special Content, Features Producers

An exciting role, in which creativity is the only limit.
You’ll be working with Woroni’s Executive Producer (Radio) to create inspiring content that reaches all areas of our student base. From interviews of big-name touring artists to true crime investigative piece (s), and much more, this role involves a significant amount of outreach, execution, and post-production capabilities. Your work would not just be limited to the audio medium and may feature in Woroni’s Print, TV, and Content mediums.

The ideal candidate (s) would be outgoing, have excellent communication abilities, and a very creative mind. The role is flexible in terms of working hours, but would require a commitment of 5-7 hrs/week including working through tough deadlines.

Woroni is committed to diversity in hiring. It is important that our team reflects the diversity of the ANU community so that we can better tell stories about our great student body. As such, Woroni welcomes applications from students that are from a range of diverse backgrounds and identities. If you identify with a diverse background, you are welcome to let us know in your application.

Applications for all positions will close at 6pm on Monday 21 February 2021. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis, as applications are recv’d.

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