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Comment From Dr. Michael McKinley: Rationality Of Terror

My concern, then, is that this decision looks all too much like an exercise in cheap ethics, political opportunism, and the further corporatisation of the ANU. None of the are consistent with the University’s dedication to know the nature of things.



Chifley Library Open All Hours!

Roxanne Missingham, University Librarian, spearheaded this project. She stated, “The ANU Library is excited to pilot 24/7 access during the exam period, and encourages all students looking for a place to do their exam preparation to visit Chifley Library during these extended hours.”


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A Yarn With Ioannis

One of my favourite stories is the archery competition in the Odyssey. Penelope declares that she would marry the man who can string Odysseus’ bow and shoot an arrow with it through 12 axes. Odysseus, who is disguised as a beggar, rises to the occasion. He strings the bow, fires the arrow, kills the suitors and reveals his identity. It is fascinating to see the myth through Penelope’s eyes. I think Penelope knows that the beggar is Odysseus.

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Review: In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) by NUTS

Even in the 21st century, female sexuality is considered something of a taboo topic. But NUTS aren’t just talking about the female orgasm: they’re showing it on stage. Read the rest



Now Is The Time

...but we are not providing enough meaningful work for our youngest adults; we don’t have a national theatre company; we are failing our First Australians; and most bookstores in this country are still segregating Aussie authors under ‘Australian Fiction’ instead of stacking alongside their American and European counterparts.

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Campus Style Week 12

Capes have become a spring essential, adding effortless chic to any practical outfit. Combining the trend of a practical cape with clashing prints echoes the new and vibrant energy that is abundant in spring. Boots, with any spring ensemble ensures practicality as well as a balance to the voluminous cape.


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Sports Shorts: October 2014

Lewis Hamilton has cemented his stranglehold on the Formula One championship, winning his ninth race of the season, and fourth in a row at the inaugural Sochi Grand Prix in Russia.

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Presenter Profile: The Lunch Club

Name(s): The Lunch Club – Tim, Brad, Stephen and Callum   Tell us about your show The Lunch Club is a weekly radio program on Woroni Radio proudly tracing its roots back to early 2012. Read the rest

Lily Dolls up at The Basement: Musings about the Sisters Doll Experience

                                    A new glam rock band is likely unheard of in 2014. Read the rest