Feature Story


Sexism in Residential Colleges

Content Warning: Sexual Harassment and Assault Sexism in residential colleges within Australia is at epidemic proportions. We have all heard the stories, shaken our heads and passed them on with words of sorrow and pity for the women. Read the rest



Professor Mick Dodson appointed to senior position at Monash

Yawuru man and ANU Indigenous academic, Professor Mick Dodson, has been appointed as a prestigious Vice Chancellor’s Professorial Fellow by Monash University’s Vice Chancellor Margaret Gardner. Read the rest



Three continents, three breathtaking cities

If I were to look back at every city my first-world-middle-class privilege has allowed me to visit, and was then asked to describe them, I would probably say “leave me alone”. Read the rest



How Power Ballads Can Make You a Better Public Speaker

A Slip Of The Lip My column A Slip of the Lip is a linguistics student’s attempt to provide interesting and (reasonably) well-researched language titbits. Read the rest

Arts & Reviews


Sing Street: A Review

Director John Carney (Once, Begin Again) is certainly no stranger to films about, and featuring, original music. Sing Street is no exception, though this foray into the ‘futurist’ genre of the mid 80s is so well disguised as a cheerfully ironic Irish comedy, it is only much later that you realise you’ve sat through a musical. Read the rest



ANU Student Organisation Solves All World Ills

In an unprecedented series of events, ANU have released a press statement that they had in fact solved all the issues faced by students. Read the rest



HO-ME-PHOBE – A Message to the Str8-Acting Silent Majority

CW: References to Homophobia, Homophobic Language   What is the word people use right before your name to describe you? Read the rest


Growth Week

The ANU Environmental Collective presents: Growth Week 2016

The Environment Collective is excited to announce Growth Week – a week of events from the 22nd-26th of August. Read the rest

Life & Style

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.46.40 am

My Civic2Surf

For a lot of people, running 5 kilometres is a part of their daily fitness routine. For me, it’s the equivalent of cycling up Black Mountain on a unicycle – pretty impossible. Read the rest



Juno Checks up on Her Husband

Space. It’s strange how one word can invoke such a profound feeling of curiosity and intrigue in a person. Read the rest



Rio 2016: A Snapshot

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – a city instantly recognisable by the glowing statue of Christ the Redeemer which towers over it. Read the rest

Woroni Radio

Woroni Radio Playlists: Performance

Witnessing a truly special live performance from your favourite band can be a life-changing experience. Our first playlist is made up entirely of famous live recordings, capturing everything from blistering technical displays (Snarky Puppy) to intimate outpourings of emotion (Wilco, Matt Corby, Radiohead). Read the rest
Three Fingers, logo

Three Fingers – Discussed

Three fingers. The name (sort of) made sense at the time, as there were three of us back then. Read the rest