Feature Story


Sexism in Residential Colleges

Content Warning: Sexual Harassment and Assault Sexism in residential colleges within Australia is at epidemic proportions. We have all heard the stories, shaken our heads and passed them on with words of sorrow and pity for the women. Read the rest


So it begins: Amplify ANUSA calls for General Representative nominations

  With three weeks remaining before the 2016 ANU Students’ Association (ANUSA) elections, the first ticket, Amplify ANUSA, has officially launched. Read the rest



An Awakening: Beauty Is Around Us

When one walks in the streets and hears the rush of cars along the road, the intermittent beeping of the traffic lights and has difficulty catching even the vague silhouettes of bustling people, it may be safe to say that the city is alive. Read the rest

Arts & Reviews

Oils on Canvas (2016).

Reflections: Pigs and Dogs

“dog” and “pig;” oils on canvas, 2016. My interest in the lives of animals arose when I first began to learn about what I contributed to by consuming animal products. Read the rest



It’s only addictive if it’s fun

  When most of us talk about addiction we think of a person dependent on substances such as alcohol, marijuana or ice. Read the rest

Life & Style

Interview with Allen Chen

In February this year, recently graduated ANU student Allen Chen appeared on the well-known Chinese dating show, If You Are the One. Read the rest



Having played softball since I was 9 years old, I have long known the comments that are received when answering questions like “what are your hobbies/sports you play?”, and the first comment is usually “but I thought softball was for women?”. Read the rest

Woroni Radio

Radio Spotlight: ‘Feeling It’

This week’s featured Woroni Radio show is ‘Feeling It’, a 30 minute podcast of fresh EDM, Future Bass and Glitch Hop streamed on Wednesdays from 4.30-5pm on Woroni Radio and at ANU Bar. Read the rest

Woroni Radio Playlist: Borders

Borders are made to be broken. They delineate difference and prevent migration, although they can also create a sense of identity and belonging. Read the rest