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Sunday Penalty Rates Cut, Affecting Student Workers

Image: Allan Sharp, CC 2.0 Penalty rates for retail, hospitality and fast food workers have been cut in a decision announced today by the Fair Work Commission. Read the rest



Communication Accommodation: Are You an Accent Copycat?

A Slip of the Lip Hailing from the glorious city of Queanbeyan, Caroline spent her first year of uni dabbling in Physics, Maths, English and Music. Read the rest
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Where is home?

Most people I know in Canberra are transplants from somewhere else. It doesn’t matter what brought us here: whether university, a job, a dream or pure restlessness. Read the rest


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Dear International Students

Dear new international students, I know how nerve racking it is to move to a different country, so I wanted to share my experiences of moving to and settling down in Canberra with you. Read the rest

The People’s Preezydent: Dissecting Kanye’s White House, One Verse at a Time

It’s almost a pity that Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20 went by with little controversy. There are many ways to imagine how it all could have gone horribly wrong – from a violent protest getting out of hand, to Trump changing the presidential oath in favour of a passage of Mein Kampf. Read the rest



轮回 – Samsara

The basic meaning of ‘samsara’ is that the human life is like a circle. In the author’s opinion, the world also moves cyclically. Read the rest



Review: La La Land

Join our armchair reviewers Anna and Jeevan as they take a trip to the cinema together to see 2016’s singing and dancing hit, La La Land. Read the rest

Review: Moonlight

2016 was an important year for African-American representation and voices in popular culture. Works such as Beyonce’s album Lemonade and Ava Duverney’s documentary 13th were stand-outs in particular, directly addressing the politics of black lives and issues such as police brutality and discrimination. Read the rest



Romance Done Right: The German Rom-Com Experience

Wednesday marked a very exciting day for me. It was the first time I have ever watched a Romantic Comedy at the cinema, in a foreign country, in a foreign language. Read the rest



‘The Perfect Brunch? I’ll Avo Go!’

Over the summer break, I discovered a path well-trodden by ANU students. It was that of holiday aimlessness – of the boredom that comes from not having 300 fellow residents around who I could force to spend time with me. Read the rest



Draining the Swamp

The Armchair Expert In his future, Guy Exton is a columnist for the New York Times and Time magazine. Read the rest

Reaching into the Colonial Pocket: The Backpacker and Privilege

Backpacking has become something of a rite of passage – a young person goes travelling for an extended period of time to experience the world and find themselves. Read the rest
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Inside the Mind of Frank Jackson: Part I

The Philosopher’s Stoned In this regular column, Anthony Merlino seeks to capture the unique perspective of a different ANU philosopher each fortnight. Read the rest

Life & Style

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Event Guide: 27 February – 5 March

Introducing Woroni’s first weekly Event Guide! I haven’t got enough words to properly introduce myself beyond my name being Mehar, but that’s okay because I know you would rather get to the good stuff. Read the rest

Bar Rochford vs. Molly’s

Yashi Compares Yashi is undertaking a double degree in International Relations/ Environmental Studies and hails from Western Sydney. Her column is like a Yelp review for things that aren’t restaurants and instead of useful information, it’s incoherent rambling for 800 words and she doesn’t even get promoted to ‘Top Contributor’ status. Read the rest


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The Rocky Road to World Peace: A Field School in Kamchatka, Russia

Globalisation at its best: seven Russians, two Australians (both from ANU) one German, six Americans and two Canadians, picking blueberries and wild mushrooms, and sharing a passion for geology. Read the rest



Denying Climate Change

There are some people who don’t believe in human-induced climate change. The newly elected One Nation senator, Malcolm Roberts, is one such person. Read the rest

Business and Economics


Trumped up Trickled Down Disaster

Photo credit: The New York Times From wanting to build a wall on the Mexican border to proposing a national register of all Muslims in the United States, Trump is infamous for his outlandish plans to ‘reform’ America. Read the rest



Diving in Head First

In early December last year, I was fortunate enough to attend the 2016 Advanced Team Physician Course in San Diego, USA. Read the rest