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ANUSA Executive Flouts Constitution?

Sources familiar with the operation of the Grants and Affiliation’s Committee (GAC) have alleged that Wilson & Barry violated the ANUSA constitution when they affiliated multiple clubs & societies in February 2014.


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There was a strong sense of community at the conference, notably; there was a HIV positive lounge for delegates who were HIV positive which acted as a safe space for these delegates to communicate their experiences with each other.


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The Most Influential International Clubs At The ANU

In the spirit of the theme of this week’s ‘Power Play’ edition, this writer will endeavour to give you a list with the biggest powers on campus, those who are rapidly climbing the ladder and those who while still quite small at the moment, we should keep our eyes on.

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To wish they could become arrowheads in the dawn, raw and torsional...


Why We Need Linguistics

For example, reconstructing languages as they existed in the past can tell us about when different speaker populations were in contact, or deciphering ancient writings can tell us about the history and culture of a place.

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Your Week Five 2014 Horoscopes

The Retrograde Mystics reveal your Week Five Horoscopes....


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Can The Reds Cope Without Suarez?

It’s not only Suarez’s goals that Liverpool will miss, it’s the aura that surrounded him when he stepped onto the pitch.

Woroni Radio

Jai Ho! A special podcast celebrating India’s Independence Day

The 15th of August is celebrated as Independence Day in India. India’s struggle for freedom culminated at midnight on 15th August 1947 and Pt. Read the rest

Woroni Radio ‘Newsfeed’: ANUSA OGM

’Newsfeed’ host Maddi Easterbrook has filed this podcast following the eventful ANUSA OGM held in Union Court today. Follow the link to listen. Read the rest