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Five Secret Ways to Get a Park on Campus

It seems that the ANU has a bit of a vendetta against cars. This is perfectly reasonable, of course. Read the rest


Credit: Jayne Hoschke

Student activists are driving Canberra’s Refugee Campaign

Photography: Jayne Hoschke John is a member of ANU RAC and the Steering Committee of Canberra RAC. Refusing to let the stormy forecast dampen their spirits, thousands of people – from Canberra, Queanbeyan, Yass and the NSW South Coast – descended en masse to Civic Square at 1pm on 9 April for the Palm Sunday Rally. Read the rest

ANZAC: The Inconvenient Truth of Gallipoli

Every year on 25 April Australia stops to commemorate and, sometimes, celebrate ANZAC day. Commemoration can include attending a dawn service, watching a footy match, joining in a game of two-up, or observing a minute of silence. Read the rest

Comprehending Complexity

The Philosopher’s Stoned In this regular column, Anthony Merlino seeks to capture the unique perspective of a different ANU philosopher each fortnight. Read the rest

Why Residents are About to get Hit with a Big Fat Price Hike

As ANU’s campus redevelopments continue to roll forward, it seems ANU is withholding crucial information about how their new privatisation agreement will work, and how much the residents will be made to pay. Read the rest

There’s an App for That: When Revenge Porn goes Viral

Content warning: mentions of revenge porn, sexual violence, domestic abuse, cyber bullying, child pornography and manipulation. Revenge porn is one of the most prevalent issues facing young people today. Read the rest


Who’s the Fairest of them All?

Made In China Una is a second year law/arts student who is passionate about voicing the concerns of the Asian minority. Read the rest

Diplobrats: Inside the Lives of Diplomats’ Children

At around 4.45pm local time on 26 October 2008, two US Black Hawk helicopters landed in Eastern Syria, near the Iraqi border. Read the rest


The Art of the Art Documentary

Most art is meant to stand alone, without explanation. It is for the audience to decide on its meaning and value. Read the rest


A Night of Vocal Excellence: Kate Miller-Heidke and the National Pops Orchestra

Touring with the release of her recent EP The Best of Kate Miller-Heidke: Act One Kate Miller-Heidke and her husband, Keir Nuttall, performed in Canberra alongside The National Pops Orchestra. Read the rest

Review: Lego Film

Fans of The Lego Movie and the Batman franchise can all breathe easy: Animal Logic’s cash-in spin-off The Lego Batman Movie does your favourite films justice, and then some. Read the rest

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Events Guide 23 – 29 April

Welcome! I write this on Saturday afternoon, just as I’ve come back from the Sunwaves festival mentioned in last week’s events guide. Read the rest

Event Guide 16 – 23 April

Hey everyone! Hope you had an enjoyable holiday and Easter, and made time to check out some of the events in last week’s guide! Read the rest

Dear Woroni: Moving Out

Dear Woroni: How do I deal with moving out of college, and living in my own home? A few months ago I moved out of college into a house in North Canberra with friends. Read the rest


Dear Friend / Dear Stranger

It doesn’t take much to remember you; a song, a smell, a movie, that one celebrity with whom you bear an uncanny resemblance, or spotting a car the same model as yours. Read the rest

Clicking the Link

  Illustration: Yvonne Yong Bec: When I was younger, my dad sat me down and gave me the Internet Safety Lecture™. Read the rest



今年是我在ANU学文学的第四年。本科毕业之后,我申请了荣誉学位,继续深造。对我国内的许多亲戚朋友来说,这是个多少有些令人费解的决定。他们大多以为我结束了三年的“胡闹”之后,会安定下来,去墨尔本或悉尼读个传媒方向的硕士,然后回国工作。 我已经习惯面对这样的困惑了。我的父亲是学医出身,母亲从事金融方面的工作,他们的朋友圈子里,几乎没有对文学和艺术特别感兴趣的人。我常碰到父母的朋友得知我在国外学习文学时,露出困惑又略带轻慢的神情,“怎么喜欢学这个?”他们带着笑意,称赞我与众不同,却又隐隐觉得我的父母太过娇惯我,才会将我养成了一个不切实际的理想主义者。 “理想主义者”,我对这个标签的感觉十分矛盾。曾有一段时间,我喜欢这样标榜自己,觉得自己确实与众不同。在校园里,我是少有的不学商的中国留学生,在文学院,我是唯一的中国人。大部分时间里我都独来独往,几乎不怎么接触留学生的圈子。 直到大三,我搬了家,认识了两位很棒的中国室友,才陆续认识了一些其他的中国留学生。但我和他们的交际还是非常有限。我为他们得知我专业时的惊讶感到得意,暗暗享受成为他们眼中的“学霸”和“理想主义者”。但虚荣淡去之后,便逐渐感到隔阂。我是一个文学生,伴随着这个身份,是“高深”“文艺”的印象,令人难以回应和接近。 我其实也并没有什么超凡脱俗的。相比大多数中国父母,我的父母很开明,但出国选择学校和专业时,他们还是建议我考虑些实际。文科中,传媒看起来前途最有保障,我接受了他们的建议,直到在ANU入学之前,都还以为自己会成为一个传媒学生。 然而ANU并没有传媒专业!我阴差阳错地得偿所愿,进入了人文社科学院,开始探索我真正的热情所在,期间的过程却一点也不顺利。我至今还记得我上的第一节文学课,老师要我们分小组赏析《贝奥武夫》和《夏洛特夫人》的片段,我简直没有几个字能看懂,讨论时一句话也说不出来,只能窘迫地盯着地面。 那个学期,我读不完课业里要求读的小说和诗歌,认真写的论文只能拿可怜的Pass。在课上,我从不发言,演讲时也结结巴巴。我自以为英语水平不错,也有深厚的文学基础,可是在这里,我一点优势也没有。我羡慕我的澳洲同学,羡慕他们能轻松地读小说,轻松地听课,轻松地参与课堂讨论。 但我熬过来了,硬着头皮咬牙切齿的时刻很多,但我从来没有过“也许我学不了这个”的想法。慢慢的,我读书的速度变快了,我开始在课上发言,我拿了我的第一个HD,我开始享受写论文,享受读那些艰深的社会学和哲学理论,开始尝试新的事物——戏剧表演,写作,参加读书小组。大学三年成为了我人生中最自由、最满足、最有意义的时光。 有一天我在寝室里看书,一位朋友突然对我说,“我觉得我认识的人里只有你真的在读大学,我们其他人只是为了混个文凭,在做技能培训而已。”三年前,我可能会为这句话暗地里感到沾沾自喜,但当时我怔了一下,不知道该说什么好。这可能是中国留学圈里无奈的现状。 我身边有太多人的大学生活与兴趣完全无关,只是不得不顺从父母的愿望,选择了“有可能”带来更好的前程的专业,就连选修课,都为了拉高GPA,只挑容易拿高分的课来选。即使对文学和艺术很感兴趣,也因为各种各样的原因完全否定了自己探索这些领域的可能:英文要求太高了,要看太多书了,写论文太难了。做不到的。 我们生活在一个功利的世界里,“理想主义”成了个多少带点贬义的字眼,人们喜欢理想主义者的天真,又觉得他们幼稚又不切实际,想看他们在现实的壁垒上撞得头破血流。然而什么是现实呢?物质与稳定。拥有这些就足以过好这一生了吗?除此之外,我们要如何安置我们的精神和心灵? 讨论这些,并不是想证明“不务实”就高人一等,只是我始终认为,让生命有意义的事才最现实。每个人都只有一生,所以落实到个体身上,其实也没有“阳关道”与“独木桥”之别。既然如此,为何不做点自己感兴趣的,喜欢的事呢?为什么不试试看去争取更丰富的人生?也许,我只是个不可救药的“理想主义”,但每个人的道路,都只能自己去追寻。 Read the rest


Earth Festival off to a Bright Start

                A couple of weekends ago I was fortunate enough to attend The Earth Festival, which ran for the first time this year. Read the rest

Socially Conscious Consumerism: A Strip Mall of Brand Anxiety

A relatively new phenomenon of the 21st century is the embedding of consumer social responsibility into popular culture. At first an object of academic study in relation to corporate social responsibility, consumer social responsibility concerns itself with consumer decisions and ethics. Read the rest


Discovered by Bob: Why Citizen Science is the New Frontier of Research

Science Life Welcome to Science Life: A discussion of the weird and wonderful intersection between science and our day-to-day lives All of you space enthusiasts out there will be thrilled to know that just last week, four new planets were discovered. Read the rest

Business and Economics

Unpaid Internships – The Difference between Learning and Getting Exploited

You have a sky-high GPA and ample extracurricular achievements under your belt. Yet, if your CV is missing that one seemingly ubiquitous yet elusive feature – the prestigious summer internship that most university students spend their penultimate year trying to land – you’re likely to be left lagging far behind in the maddening rat race that is the present job market. Read the rest

To Kill a Technocrat

Samuel Duncan is a second year Economics and International Security Studies Student, he is also a member of the Australian Labor Party. Read the rest

Do Robots Dream of Personal Deductibles?

On 17 February, Bill Gates said in an interview with Quartz, an online magazine, that robots taking human jobs produce what economists call a negative externality. Read the rest


Burley Man Initiative Founder Not-so-burly After Running 2500km

Image Credit: Burley Man Initiative Last year, in late October, Joshua Dundas made a decision that would shape the next five months of his life. Read the rest


Five Secret Ways to Get a Park on Campus

It seems that the ANU has a bit of a vendetta against cars. This is perfectly reasonable, of course. Read the rest