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ANUSA 2016 Policies

These policies were provided and written by each ticket.


Global Cafe

Global Cafe – India

On Friday the 21st, Bruce Hall was home to the Indian Global Café organised on behalf of PARSA for the evening. Read the rest


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Why You and the ANUSA Elections Matter in the End

The two words “ANUSA Elections” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To some, it can mean the pinnacle of student involvement, providing a forum for us everyday students to have a say by voting for our favourite party, comprised of people just like us with an idea of how to make things better. Read the rest

Arts & Reviews



Oh, how magical you are! The world is at your feet with one twirl The minds go blank when you come nearer Like they have never known a girl Made from synthetic dreams and smoky mirrors. Read the rest



A Vote For Reason

The ANUSA election season is upon us, and with it a mountain of ambitions and promises. When it comes to considering the arguments of each candidate, it is essential we put aside emotion and consider the facts. Read the rest

Life & Style


Good Things Come to Canberra Sometimes

Sometimes you wear your brand new sparkling white Converses because it looks like it’s going to be a sunny day, only for it to start raining torrentially as you step out of your second class, still with three more to go. Read the rest



A Supplementary Guide for the Gym Goer

In 2012, Forbes recorded the supplement industry’s net revenue at US $32 billion and expected it to rise to US $60 billion by the year 2021. Read the rest

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Presenter Profile: The Lunch Club

Name(s): The Lunch Club – Tim, Brad, Stephen and Callum   Tell us about your show The Lunch Club is a weekly radio program on Woroni Radio proudly tracing its roots back to early 2012. Read the rest

Lily Dolls up at The Basement: Musings about the Sisters Doll Experience

                                    A new glam rock band is likely unheard of in 2014. Read the rest