Feature Story

Casual Vacancy: News Editor

ANU Student Media is looking for an ANU student to fill a casual vacancy on our Board of Editors. Read the rest


Waiting for the Trump Card

Donald Trump – a name everyone has already heard too many times – has signed a series of controversial executive orders in recent weeks. Read the rest

Reflections Beyond Mirrors

Made in China Una is a second year law/arts student who is passionate about voicing the concerns of the Asian minority. Read the rest


Ngoài kịch bản (Throwing Out The Script)

Xin lỗi mọi người trước, nếu bài viết sau đây đọc lên nghe như là Google Translate dịch. Trước, hết, phải thú thật với các bạn rằng tôi thông thạo tiếng Anh hơn tiếng mẹ đẻ của mình. Read the rest

Life & Style

Study Spots for Sad and Stressed Students

The best, most reliable study spots on campus are not quite where you would expect. This time of year, it is often that you witness bright-eyed, joyful students (a.k.a. Read the rest

Event Guide: 20 – 26 March

Hey everyone! Hope you’re not too bogged down with work because there’s heaps of stuff on in Canberra this week. Read the rest

Events Guide: 13 – 19 March

Welcome back! I hope you checked out a couple of events from last week’s blog – I managed to get to the Noodle Markets and the gig at Phoenix. Read the rest


Review: Onetoeight Exhibition

Image: School of Art website Canberra-based artist Alison Alder uses a fresh, light-hearted lens to depict Australia’s early political journey in her Onetoeight exhibition. Read the rest

Review: Tilley’s Devine Café Gallery, Lyneham

Photo: Tilley’s website Whatever their opinion, everyone in Canberra seems to know Tilley’s Devine Café Gallery. On the leafy corner of Brigalow and Wattle Street in Lyneham, Tilley’s is a Canberra institution. Read the rest


Of Copper and Silver

My long, luscious hair with my thick eyebrows, along with my eyelashes, are all dark and rich. I pair bright, Red lipstick and gleaming Gold jewelleries, accentuating the opulence of my Brown skin. Read the rest

Business and Economics

‘Excessive CEO Salaries’: Unravelling the Complexity of Executive Compensation and Regulatory Reform

By many measures, we live in a world plagued by heightened economic inequality that is accelerating to unsustainable levels. Read the rest

Islands of Tolerance

New immigration policies introduced in the past eight months have inspired nothing but shame for nations across the globe. Read the rest

Trumped up Trickled Down Disaster

Photo credit: The New York Times From wanting to build a wall on the Mexican border to proposing a national register of all Muslims in the United States, Trump is infamous for his outlandish plans to ‘reform’ America. Read the rest


Don’t Just Throw Me A Bone

Image: Brokeback Mountain It’s always been hard finding queer fiction in media. Despite the explosion of queer-focused television, movies and books into the mainstream through the past decade – including massively popular shows like Modern Family or Orange is the New Black, and even cheesy daytime TV like The Ellen DeGeneres Show – there still isn’t a whole lot of representation. Read the rest

In Our Great Red Backyard: Queer Rights in Rural Australia

In 2015 I moved to ANU from a town in North Queensland called Mackay. You may recognise Mackay as the town that continues to elect George Christensen – the Nationals MP who likens Safe Schools to paedophilia – to Parliament every election cycle. Read the rest

How Identity Politics gets Inclusiveness Backwards

Egalitarianism was traditionally about erasing the arbitrary differences between us all. The idea was that in a situation where you interacted with a black trans-woman named Aaliyah – you saw Aaliyah in all her complexity as an individual, not as a ‘black’ ‘trans’ ‘woman’ in all the stereotyped simplicity of those categories. Read the rest

State of the Union: A Comparative Look at NUS

This article was adapted from a report compiled by the ANUSA Policy Analysis Working Group. Image: National Union of Students With a 2016 expenditure of $740,000 and almost $1,000,000 in assets, one would hope that Australia’s National Union of Students (NUS) was led by responsible and capable officer bearers, representative of the students whom they purport to represent. Read the rest

Setting Things Straight – Can Queer* Culture Be Appropriated?

Image: Buzzfeed Aislinn has come down to ANU from the Sunshine Coast, both to study Arts/Laws and avoid Pauline Hanson. Read the rest


The Language of Flirtation

A Slip of the Lip Hailing from the glorious city of Queanbeyan, Caroline spent her first year of uni dabbling in Physics, Maths, English and Music. Read the rest

For Whom the Curtain Calls

Hundreds upon hundreds of my mildly intoxicated peers cheer as I, and the rest of my hall’s Big Night Out Band, stride on stage – ready to seize the glory of an almost-not-quite podium finish. Read the rest


The Three Pillars and Culture

Gazing into the Abyss This column explores the topic of sustainability: what it is, what challenges and opportunities it presents, and what we can do as individuals and communities to live more sustainably. Read the rest

Sparking Change

Greener Economy Lydia is just a city gal hoping to make the world a greener and fairer place! Her column ‘Greener Economy’ will talk about some of the economic and political solutions that will help create a more equitable society as well as more liveable conditions for current and future generations. Read the rest


3D Printing: It’s More than Magic

Science Life Welcome to Science Life: A discussion of the weird and wonderful intersection between science and our day-to-day lives. Read the rest


Kicking Goals towards Gender Equality

They’re calling it ‘an untapped international market full of both social and economic potential.’ Internationally, women’s sport is slowly but surely kicking points towards the overall goal of gender equality. Read the rest


Feeling Salty – 95 Theses, Scores of Executive Orders

Dank Memes for Chifley Screens When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the doors of the All Saints Church in Wittenberg in 1517, he became the herald of the Protestant Reformation, sparking a mass exodus from the decadent Catholic faith across Europe. Read the rest