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Introducing your candidates in the Woroni 2017 Election

It’s time for Woroni’s 2017 Editor Election! The 4 successful candidates will be replacing Ria Pflaum, Liam Osawa, Caitlin Magee and Miguel Galsim, with Miguel filling a casual vacancy earlier in the year. Read the rest



Sexual Harassment and Assault on Campus: What are the policies and where are they?

CW: Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment and sexual assault are growing issues amongst university students, prompting Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs’ recent survey into the matter. Read the rest



The sun shines the brightest at home

“Really? Well… I wonder what life was like for you. I mean… I don’t know much about the place, but I haven’t heard the best of things….” This was the umpteenth time I had heard that same response. Read the rest




When it’s almost lost in the best of times, There is no hope and vision in sight. Life provokes you to surrender, The beast must die forever. Read the rest

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Romance Done Right: The German Rom-Com Experience

Wednesday marked a very exciting day for me. It was the first time I have ever watched a Romantic Comedy at the cinema, in a foreign country, in a foreign language. Read the rest



Student Returns Home for the Weekend with the Intent of Getting Work Done

It’s a balmy Friday afternoon, Canberra is dead silent and the student populace of ANU perform their personal procrastination rituals in hushed unity. Read the rest



Letter from Schmitty

Dear Woroni readers, With the end of the year rapidly approaching I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best of luck with your final studies and exams. Read the rest



The real risk: rethinking arbitrary animal welfare

Editor’s note: On Tuesday the 11th of October, NSW Premier Mike Baird officially signed a ban reversing the ban on greyhound racing, stating he ‘got it wrong’. Read the rest

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Ten Questions with Anne Gallagher AO

ANU Alumni Series Anne Gallagher AO, International lawyer and United Nations Adviser Our third feature profile in this series is on lawyer Anne Gallagher, who is widely recognized as the global expert on international law of human trafficking. Read the rest



Denying Climate Change

There are some people who don’t believe in human-induced climate change. The newly elected One Nation senator, Malcolm Roberts, is one such person. Read the rest



Inward Bound 2016

Across the University’s eight halls and colleges, training miles are winding down and final preparations are beginning for this year’s Bupa Inward Bound on October 14th – 15th. Read the rest

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Helpful or Menace? Local Advice Syndicate Leaves Community Divided

A report by Marvin D.M. Anderson A recent wave of coordinated advice has spread across the pages of Yahoo Answers, leaving users confused and upset about their direction in life. Read the rest

Songs To Grow Up To: Lior discusses the art of songwriting at Beyond Festival 

“I remember standing side of stage when they were about to go on,” says Lior when I ask him about performing with Carole King and James Taylor. Read the rest