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ANU Decision Makers Series: Vice-Chancellor Ian Young

There is only so much you can learn from these profile pieces, and the subject of this one was always going to be difficult to write about. Read the rest



The ANU Drops Down Sixty-Four Places In University Rankings

On Thursday 16th July, the Centre For World University Rankings (CWUR) released their 2014 edition of their annual publication. The Australian National University was ranked 160th in the world, a considerable drop from their previous 96th spot.


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The Party Is Over: Using Drugs To Enhance Study

  After many nights of partying during Bushweek, students will inevitably turn to all kinds of stimulants to stay awake in lectures from coffee, to energy drinks, to caffeine pills such as No Doz and supplements such as Ginkgo Biloba. Read the rest


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  ‘fuck.   how’d we even get here  ?’      I don’t know.                              over the schuylkill? Read the rest


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What Does It Mean To Serve?

  All too often in the news I hear of our ‘servicemen and women’, referring only to those who serve in our army, navy, or air force. Read the rest

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Odds & Ends: I Am More Than My Degree

  I had an interesting discussion on a bus the other day. It was interesting, but it also irritated me. Read the rest


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The Importance of Mobility

  In 2002, Kelly Starret posed a very simple challenge to the viewers of MobilityWOD, which has now become the most popular fitness blog in the world – can you get into a full hamstrings-resting-on-calves squat and stay there for 10 minutes? Read the rest

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Mick’s Tape

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Woroni Speaks With The University Council About Deregulation

Nina Haysler, as a representative of Woroni, the ANU Student Newspaper, was provided with the opportunity to interview the University Council after their board meeting that concerned the ANU's position on de-regulation.