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Irrationality of The Terrified: Reputation Trumps Free Discussion at the ANU

On Monday, 20th October, due to interference by ANU’s public relations team, Woroni was forced to cancel the forum, ‘Rationality of Terror’, a forum that had attracted the interest of national media groups.


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TEDxCanberra Explores The Unchartered

“For the head we want people to think…for the heart we want them to feel something, and with their hands we want them to do something”.


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MORONINOMICS: Something Something Deregulation

If you look closely at the publicly available financial records of the ANU College of Business and Economics, you’ll quickly realise it is just a branch of ASIO, created exclusively for the purpose of spying on international students.

Arts & Reviews

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Review: In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) by NUTS

Even in the 21st century, female sexuality is considered something of a taboo topic. But NUTS aren’t just talking about the female orgasm: they’re showing it on stage. Read the rest


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Sam Vincent: Living Life As A Freelancer

He also said that as writers and journalists, we need to be open to the possibility of our story changing. ‘The story you set out to write is rarely the story you end up writing’, he said.

Life & Style

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Campus Style Week 12

Capes have become a spring essential, adding effortless chic to any practical outfit. Combining the trend of a practical cape with clashing prints echoes the new and vibrant energy that is abundant in spring. Boots, with any spring ensemble ensures practicality as well as a balance to the voluminous cape.


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Sports Shorts: October 2014

Lewis Hamilton has cemented his stranglehold on the Formula One championship, winning his ninth race of the season, and fourth in a row at the inaugural Sochi Grand Prix in Russia.

Woroni Radio


Presenter Profile: The Lunch Club

Name(s): The Lunch Club – Tim, Brad, Stephen and Callum   Tell us about your show The Lunch Club is a weekly radio program on Woroni Radio proudly tracing its roots back to early 2012. Read the rest

Lily Dolls up at The Basement: Musings about the Sisters Doll Experience

                                    A new glam rock band is likely unheard of in 2014. Read the rest