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Join our Team in 2017

Which Woroni Wombat will you be? One of the key findings from our 2016 Student Consultation was that students do not know how to get involved with Woroni Print, Radio (and soon to be Television). Read the rest



Footprints leading to the Future: Bringing Indigenous Perspectives into the ANU

At a meeting of Indigenous students, many argued that there aren’t enough Indigenous teachers in the university. There aren’t even that many in academic positions in general. Read the rest



The sun shines the brightest at home

“Really? Well… I wonder what life was like for you. I mean… I don’t know much about the place, but I haven’t heard the best of things….” This was the umpteenth time I had heard that same response. Read the rest




When it’s almost lost in the best of times, There is no hope and vision in sight. Life provokes you to surrender, The beast must die forever. Read the rest

Arts & Reviews


Romance Done Right: The German Rom-Com Experience

Wednesday marked a very exciting day for me. It was the first time I have ever watched a Romantic Comedy at the cinema, in a foreign country, in a foreign language. Read the rest



Student Returns Home for the Weekend with the Intent of Getting Work Done

It’s a balmy Friday afternoon, Canberra is dead silent and the student populace of ANU perform their personal procrastination rituals in hushed unity. Read the rest



The other side of the NUS story

Dom is the National Union of Students (NUS) ACT Education Vice-President and a member of the National Labor Students faction. Read the rest

Life & Style


December in Canberra

Photo credit: Daily Mail For all of those who are still in Canberra, battling the heat on a daily basis, this listicle is for you. Read the rest



The real risk: rethinking arbitrary animal welfare

Editor’s note: On Tuesday the 11th of October, NSW Premier Mike Baird officially signed a ban reversing the ban on greyhound racing, stating he ‘got it wrong’. Read the rest



Denying Climate Change

There are some people who don’t believe in human-induced climate change. The newly elected One Nation senator, Malcolm Roberts, is one such person. Read the rest



Sport Meets Politics: AFL Grand Final Day Public Holiday

Disclaimer: Liam is a member of the Labor Party Grand final day is an integral moment in the Australian year. Read the rest