Feature Story

Five Secret Ways to Get a Park on Campus

It seems that the ANU has a bit of a vendetta against cars. This is perfectly reasonable, of course. Read the rest


Who’s the Fairest of them All?

Made In China Una is a second year law/arts student who is passionate about voicing the concerns of the Asian minority. Read the rest

Diplobrats: Inside the Lives of Diplomats’ Children

At around 4.45pm local time on 26 October 2008, two US Black Hawk helicopters landed in Eastern Syria, near the Iraqi border. Read the rest


Les Possibilités Electorales : Qui Pourra Battre Le Pen? (Electoral Possibilities: Can Le Pen be Beaten?)

Le 7 mai, François Hollande quittera l’Élysée, et à sa place s’installera la personne qui soit mènera la France dans la bonne direction, soit la détruira une fois pour toute. Read the rest

Life & Style

Events Guide 23 – 29 April

Welcome! I write this on Saturday afternoon, just as I’ve come back from the Sunwaves festival mentioned in last week’s events guide. Read the rest

Event Guide 16 – 23 April

Hey everyone! Hope you had an enjoyable holiday and Easter, and made time to check out some of the events in last week’s guide! Read the rest

Dear Woroni: Moving Out

Dear Woroni: How do I deal with moving out of college, and living in my own home? A few months ago I moved out of college into a house in North Canberra with friends. Read the rest


A Night of Vocal Excellence: Kate Miller-Heidke and the National Pops Orchestra

Touring with the release of her recent EP The Best of Kate Miller-Heidke: Act One Kate Miller-Heidke and her husband, Keir Nuttall, performed in Canberra alongside The National Pops Orchestra. Read the rest

Review: Lego Film

Fans of The Lego Movie and the Batman franchise can all breathe easy: Animal Logic’s cash-in spin-off The Lego Batman Movie does your favourite films justice, and then some. Read the rest


The Art of the Art Documentary

Most art is meant to stand alone, without explanation. It is for the audience to decide on its meaning and value. Read the rest

Business and Economics

Unpaid Internships – The Difference between Learning and Getting Exploited

You have a sky-high GPA and ample extracurricular achievements under your belt. Yet, if your CV is missing that one seemingly ubiquitous yet elusive feature – the prestigious summer internship that most university students spend their penultimate year trying to land – you’re likely to be left lagging far behind in the maddening rat race that is the present job market. Read the rest

To Kill a Technocrat

Samuel Duncan is a second year Economics and International Security Studies Student, he is also a member of the Australian Labor Party. Read the rest

Do Robots Dream of Personal Deductibles?

On 17 February, Bill Gates said in an interview with Quartz, an online magazine, that robots taking human jobs produce what economists call a negative externality. Read the rest


Comprehending Complexity

The Philosopher’s Stoned In this regular column, Anthony Merlino seeks to capture the unique perspective of a different ANU philosopher each fortnight. Read the rest

Why Residents are About to get Hit with a Big Fat Price Hike

As ANU’s campus redevelopments continue to roll forward, it seems ANU is withholding crucial information about how their new privatisation agreement will work, and how much the residents will be made to pay. Read the rest

There’s an App for That: When Revenge Porn goes Viral

Content warning: mentions of revenge porn, sexual violence, domestic abuse, cyber bullying, child pornography and manipulation. Revenge porn is one of the most prevalent issues facing young people today. Read the rest

Don’t ‘Eagle Rock’ the Boat: A Story about Disclosure and Response

A recent report published by End Rape on Campus Australia found that universities have frequently failed to support victims of sexual assault and harassment in the aftermath of their experiences, and have even actively sought to cover up instances of sexual assault to avoid reputational damage. Read the rest

Embracing the True Essence of ‘Treat Yo Self’

I first stumbled upon this phrase while watching the second season of Parks and Recreation. Ironically, I was treating myself to a study break while watching the show but, for the first time, I found myself craving the free-spirited and laid-back nature of the ‘treat yo self’ philosophy. Read the rest


What if Animals did the Talking?

Following a long day at uni, an exhausting shift at Maccas and hours of mindless moves at Moose you stumble home to your room. Read the rest

A Slice of the Pie

The economy is a big pie. Yum. All of us play a role in baking this pie. Some more than others, but we’re all involved in some shape or form. Read the rest


Earth Festival off to a Bright Start

                A couple of weekends ago I was fortunate enough to attend The Earth Festival, which ran for the first time this year. Read the rest

Socially Conscious Consumerism: A Strip Mall of Brand Anxiety

A relatively new phenomenon of the 21st century is the embedding of consumer social responsibility into popular culture. At first an object of academic study in relation to corporate social responsibility, consumer social responsibility concerns itself with consumer decisions and ethics. Read the rest


Discovered by Bob: Why Citizen Science is the New Frontier of Research

Science Life Welcome to Science Life: A discussion of the weird and wonderful intersection between science and our day-to-day lives All of you space enthusiasts out there will be thrilled to know that just last week, four new planets were discovered. Read the rest


Burley Man Initiative Founder Not-so-burly After Running 2500km

Image Credit: Burley Man Initiative Last year, in late October, Joshua Dundas made a decision that would shape the next five months of his life. Read the rest


Five Secret Ways to Get a Park on Campus

It seems that the ANU has a bit of a vendetta against cars. This is perfectly reasonable, of course. Read the rest