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Canberrans March in Discontent

Last week, before Parliament House, up to 1500 people gathered on the traditional lands of the Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples; families, students, couples, grandparents, elders and activists, all brought together for a day to publicly voice their discontent with the federal government. Read the rest


Polygamy, Satan and Euthanasia; The Western Australian Senate Election

Western Australia is going back to the election booth on the 5th of April. As both a political junkie and a Sandgroper, I have a mindset only comparable to a 13 year old at a Justin Bieber concert. Read the rest



Full Fees For You

There’s been a bit of fracas in the last fortnight or so over a recommendation in a Group of 8 Universities’ submission to the Abbott government’s review of higher education funding. Read the rest



Great Expectations Realised

Mister Pip, written by New Zealand born Lloyd Jones is a startling but charming novel. Although published in 2006, Mister Pip has recently come into prominence again both through popular reading and the film adaptation starring Hugh Laurie that was limitedly released last year. Read the rest



Time to Revamp the Delivery of Economics Education

According to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (now dissolved), labour market demand for qualified economists in Australia is forecasted to nearly double from 2012 until 2017. Read the rest

Life & Style


The Five Girls You’ll Have A Crush On At ANU

*so long as you are sexually attracted to women, it’s all cool if you’re not.
I think it was Abraham Lincoln, or Freddie Mercury, or the middle child of that band Hanson, that once said “one’s university years are the perfect time to discover oneself, romantically”, which I assumed was a process most boys went through at the age of 13. Read the rest



Australia’s Continuing Cricket Dominance

Australia has continued its fine form from the Australian summer, continuing to dominate in the world of cricket. Fresh off a 12-1 belting of England when they toured here, Australia beat South Africa 2-1 in the recent test series, and continued the host’s embarrassment going through undefeated in the twenty20 games that followed. Read the rest

Woroni Radio


The Bunga Bunga Show

The Bunga Bunga Show. A small taste of European music, fun and facts. To go beyond old buildings and baguettes on a self-discovery of your true European. Read the rest


Backstage at O-Week: Jake from Bluejuice

Elena caught up with the two lead vocalists of Bluejuice before their headlining performance at the O-Week Big Bang Party. Read the rest