Woroni Is Hiring For Semester 2

Applications are open for Woroni – ANU’s student media organisation and the largest multimedia student organisation in Australia. Join a group of dedicated student volunteers, gain experience in your preferred media, from print, to news to radio, in a professional environment.

Applications are open for positions across our teams: Art, Content, Radio, TV, News, Photography, Events and Social Media.

Check out the roles and applications below.

All positions within Woroni are volunteer and while Woroni offers honoraria, the positions below are all unpaid.

Applicants who identify as Indigenous Australians are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions about the hiring process, or would like the hiring process to be more accessible for you, please contact the relevant Editor or the Editor-in-Chief at woronieic@gmail.com

Art Team

The Woroni Art team has many exciting opportunities available for ANU students interested in all aspects of art and graphic design. We encourage absolute creative freedom in your artistry. Becoming a part of the team is a great way for you to get experience in having your work published (and looks great on any resume or in any portfolio). It can also help with giving you as an artist an extra boost in confidence in your own skills and ability by providing you with a platform to show off your skills. The actual workload is bent to accommodate each individual’s other commitments. There will be three different Sub-Editor roles available within the Art portfolio and all Sub-Editor will be responsible for creating a number of pages for each Woroni print edition. Each role will then have additional duties, as detailed below.

For questions about the application process, email woroniarteditor@gmail.com


Art Sub-Editors are responsible for creating consistently high quality art for Woroni and must be able to stick to strict deadlines. Usually, this is three to six pieces of art per print cycle, to be published either online or in print. Additionally, the work requires proficiency in producing art of specific structural qualities (PPI, sizing, CMYK colour palette etc.). Artists must be responsive to the Art Editor and are expected to attend meetings, Woroni events and social activities. Artists are also expected to contribute to the marketing and promoting of content. Some experience in producing art and/or designs under instruction is preferred but not required. Ideally, Artists would work well within a team, are approachable, and want to bring their own ideas to the team!

Apply to be an artist here.

Senior Artists

Art Senior Sub-Editors carry the same duties as sub-editors with a few additional roles. Senior Artists are also expected to assist the Art Editor in some of their duties like taking team minutes, helping the other artists, as well as fostering teamwork. Senior Artists are also the first asked to contribute beyond the scope of the print magazine. This is mainly for Woroni’s other portfolios (Social Media, News, TV and Radio) when required. Senior Artists may also be asked to help the Art Editor run events, workshops or other social activities. Ideally, Senior Artists would work well within a team, are a great communicator, are innovative and enjoy leadership!

Apply to be a senior artist here.

Content Team

The Content Team oversees sourcing, editing and production of written content for our magazines and website. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work in print production, understanding the editing and sourcing process, or to get your hands dirty writing creative stories, poems or insightful essays.

Sub-editors focus on either the magazine or the website. Magazine work involves organising the sourcing and editing of student contributions of the magazine, while the website allows for longer form pieces that come from students.

Apply for the Content Team here.

News Team

Our News Team produces breaking news, investigative pieces and piercing analysis. Join a team of around a dozen students in a fun, fast-paced environment where you can delve into issues at the ANU, or report on changing education and national policy that impacts students. Want to understand student politics better, want to write about the housing crisis, annoyed at something on campus? This is the team for you.

Members of the news team receive training in journalism writing, media practices and can expect professional development sessions, all of which are fantastic for those looking for a career in journalism, or interested in the media.

For questions about the application process, email woroninewseditor@gmail.com

News Reporter

News Reporters are responsible for the coverage of news stories and relevant information, primarily through written form. This will include: sourcing news leads, researching and investigating those stories and writing drafts, including necessary revisions. News Reporters may also be tasked with helping to script TV news pieces, participating in the new podcast, and providing content for social media posts. Reporters will have to be receptive to feedback, able to work to strict and tight deadlines, and be interested in issues that are relevant to students. Above all, they should be enthusiastic for the position.

Prior experience in student journalism is not required.

Apply to be a news reporter here.

Senior reporter

Senior News Reporters are responsible for the coverage of news stories and relevant information, while also sourcing news leads, researching and investigating stories, writing drafts and also editing the drafts of news reporters. They must be highly active in their communication, with the role requiring a commitment of 10-15 hours per week. Senior reporters should be confident writers, able to give clear, constructive feedback, work to tight deadlines, competent in pitching articles and capable of instructing news reporters.

Prior experience in student journalism is a strength.

Apply to be a senior reporter here.

TV Team

Ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of video content? Ever wanted to learn how to operate a camera, edit together footage, and write scripts? Ever had an ingenious idea for a film or television series that you wanted to pitch and see greenlit? Are your courses just not scratching that creative itch of yours?

The answer is simple – apply for a position at Woroni TV!

Whether your end goal is some preparation for the media industry, looking for some fun, wanting to learn new skills, or just wanting to participate in the school community and/or Woroni, this is definitely an opportunity for you!

Each member of Woroni TV are exposed to hands-on experience with professional equipment and software to produce videos of various genres and styles, from short films to journalistic interviews! You don’t have to possess previous experience and/or technical skills in video-making. Our ideal candidate is one that is passionate about the creative process, is able to dedicate time and effort each week, are team-players, and is willing to learn if needed.

Production Assistant

The role of the production assistant may be entry-level but that does not mean it is any less important. They are responsible for assisting in the video creation process. This includes contributing creative ideas for videos, helping film content (e.g., camera operations), following directions of the producer with editing, and assisting with any other duties that may arise.

Production assistants do not need to have prior knowledge nor experience in media production. However, they are expected to develop a basic competency in all areas of production, including camera operation and editing with the Adobe Creative Suite.

The role will be 8-10 hours per week on average, depending on the project being planned for the week. Time will be split between pre-production/planning, filming and other production work, and editing. Workload for each component will vary based on specific requirements of each video.

Apply to be a Production Assistant here.


The role of the producers is to be second-in-command to the Executive Producer. That is, to assist their Executive Producer in overseeing the Production Assistants while also participating in pre-production, production and post-production efforts. Usually, producers oversee the editing process and are responsible for driving the creative aspect of a video. This may include generating ideas and writing scripts, storyboarding, organising shoot logistics, and doing a rough cut of editing.

There is also a general expectation of flexibility in the role, alongside a basic-intermediate level of competency in all areas of production, including camera operation and editing with the Adobe Creative Suite..

The role will be around 10 hours per week on average, depending on the project being planned for the week. Time will be split between pre-production/planning, filming and other production work, and editing.

Apply to be a Producer here.

Executive Producer

The role of the executive producers is to lead their respective team within Woroni TV. They report to the TV Editor on their team’s progress in weekly meetings and organise production schedules with the Editor based on their team’s capabilities. They are responsible for coordinating and directing pre-production, production and post-production efforts, providing technical and creative support when needed.

Executive producers should have an intermediate level of competency in all areas of production, including camera operation and editing with the Adobe Creative Suite. They may be required to informally train and support other team members in these areas. There is also a general expectation of flexibility in the role, particularly to fill in for team members’ absences and provide troubleshooting.

The role will be 10-15 hours per week on average. Time will be split between team coordination, production work, and editing.

Apply to be an Executive Producer here.

Radio Team

The Radio team runs Woroni Radio; ANU’s student radio. From scheduled broadcasts to one-off specials, there is a kaleidoscope of content produced by Woroni Radio. We are seeking passionate and energetic individuals for the roles of Executive Producer, Producer, Tech Officer, and Audio Editor.

If anything can be done to make the application process more accessible, or you have any questions about the application or positions below, do not hesitate to contact the Radio Editor at woroniradioeditor@gmail.com


A Producer provides both technical and moral support to presenters throughout the semester. Producers and presenters will work together to create engaging radio shows that air on a weekly basis. They will also assist their Executive Producer with either Creative or Features content production. This role is approximately 5-7 hours per week and no past experience is necessary as long as you are keen to learn and passionate about helping our presenters create quality radio content! The ideal candidate will be approachable, organised, responsible, reliable, a good communicator, a team player and a critical thinker.

Apply to be a producer here.

Executive Producer

An Executive Producer works alongside the Radio Editor to oversee the production of Woroni Radio. An Executive Producer will head one of two teams; Creative or Features, and work with their team to put out one major work per term. They will also assist the Radio Editor with ad-hoc duties. The role is 10-15 hours a week and applicants must be comfortable in a middle-management position, creatively proactive, organised, efficient and reliable.

Apply to be an Executive Producer here.

Tech Officer

The Tech Officer is responsible for the maintenance of the Radio studio’s hard and software. They will learn from the Radio Editor how to repair, update, and replace equipment being used. The role is 5-7 hours per week and no past experience, however a strong knowledge in computers or audio equipment is preferred. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable, responsible, reliable, a good communicator, available and a problem solver.

Apply to be a Tech Officer here.

Audio sub-editor

The Audio sub-editor is responsible for the weekly editing and uploading of Woroni Radio’s podcasts. This role is approximately 5 hours per week and no past experience as you will be taught how to use the editing software. The ideal candidate will be organised, responsible and reliable.

Apply to be an Audio sub-editor here.

Management Team

Our Management Team works with Woroni’s Executive Editors to create content that supports other Teams’ work and to assist Editors in their own work. We’re hiring for Photographers, Events Officers and Social Media Creators.


Our photographers produce content for our written content, especially for our news reporting. This often includes attending protests and public events to photograph speakers and turnout Alongside this, they photograph student events, giving them a frontrow view and experience in professional photography settings.

Additionally, photographers are expected to work on a creative project throughout the semester to add to their portfolio. Unfortunately, Woroni cannot provide photography equipment and applicants are expected to have their own?

Photographers are expected to work 5-10 hours a week, and the nature of the position means that work is sometimes delegated on short notice. We’re looking for enthusiastic, hardworking individuals interested in media photography.

Apply to be a Photographer here.

Social Media Creator

We’re seeking a student volunteer to create content for our social media platforms. This includes scheduling posts across platforms for teams, creating and designing infographics, and pitching and making independent posts.

Social Media sub-editors are expected to work 5-10 hours per week, including attending a fortnightly meeting. We’re looking for someone who is enthusiastic, skilled with social media, and wants to get involved in student media.

Apply to be an Social Media Creator here.

Events Officer

Woroni is looking for an Events Officer to help us run and manage a variety of events throughout the semester. With a large budget and organisational support, this is a great chance to get involved in event planning and understand the administration of Woroni. Experience organising events in and outside ANU is preferable but not required.

Events Officers are expected to work 5-8 hours per week and attend fortnightly meetings. Work includes planning events, contacting suppliers, booking venues, MCing and helping to support our Board as they run events.

Apply to be an Events Officer here.


We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people, who are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Woroni, Woroni Radio and Woroni TV are created, edited, published, printed and distributed. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. We acknowledge that the name Woroni was taken from the Wadi Wadi Nation without permission, and we are striving to do better for future reconciliation.