When will the #hashtagging stop?

#swagswagswag #yolo #swag has taken over since the Nicki Minaj and Drake fanboys and fangirls have ruled the local bus interchanges and shopping malls with their OBEY/SUPREME snapbacks, penny boards, vans and backpacks (regardless of whether it is a school day or not). The users of Twitter gave birth to the feverous vermin that is #hashtagging. Since then it has taken other forms of social media such as Tumblr and Instagram and now the scoundrel once more sneaked into social media and finally into our everyday lives through Facebook as a method of linking #swagyolo-ists to #yoloswag-ists. But when will this overload of SWAG come to a halt?

By converging with other forms of mainstream media, Facebook has promoted the twelvie sensation…which is swaggerific, I say.

Mark Zuckerberg, I put my head down in shame due to your lack of hipsterness and individuality. By joining the bandwagon, you have made taking the piss on twelive tryhards downright lame now. The play on the twelvie language, otherwise known as ‘Swaggish’, is gone. It is no longer ironic (nor private) to say things like, “I totes banged this gnarly chick brah #poon/10 – #amsuperman”, but then again this is probably for the better.

Due to Facebook tattooing/encoding #hashtags into their system, the forecast on the weather is a decrease in hipsters mocking twelvies by using #hashtags (which, in turn, once increased their SWAG). The underground parties in New Acton and Braddon will now minimise using #hashtags in their secret codes as Facebook has finally locked in its place into the Hall of Mainstream.

However, I’m sure twelvies will continue forth with the plague of #hashtagging as it has only become more mainstream – much like the wonderful hits ‘The Motto’ by Drake (formally known as the YOLO song) and ‘Starships’ by Nicki Minaj.

I see a dark future at the going rate where SWAGLORDS (previously known as government officials) are forced to wear OBEY snapbacks by the now-matured population of twelvies who have somehow survived their SW@G OVERDOSE. Luckily, however, the next sensation of fads will surpass those of now (thank God).

But on the plus side, at least we can find twerkin’ videos more easily…