Weightlessly, and without effort

The sea holds me

the way

the sky does.

Weightlessly, without effort. Except that I

fall in the sky, but float

in the sea.

No, I don’t fall in

the sky; I slip through it and in-

to the nothing between

the two.

Only to not



in the sea,

but ease

downward instead,


and surer. Time

helps with the fall; weight –

lessness is prolonged in the sea.

The sky holds me

in it, spiting time.

No, it doesn’t

hold me; it drops me


into the sea. The sea

catches me! After –

wards, I cannot return

to the sky. The sea holds me

tight; no matter how

hard I grapple, I cannot free

myself of its



Waken! Thank

goodness I am still

trapped in the


between the two.

I am held here; the

sea and the sky hold me

in, weighted.


without effort.