Tinder Love & Care

One wintery afternoon, Fling found itself casually flicking through suggestions on its Tinder account when suddenly, SwipeRight #liberal appeared on his screen. Fling just couldn’t resist SwipeRight’s call to do just that.

Fling did not have to take a better look at SwipeRight’s profile to know that they had many shared interests, such as ANUSA, power, money and CV fodder – all the things that turn them on and put these two political animals in heat.

“You and Swipe Right #liberal are like each other,” said Tinder. Fling was presented with the options of “Send a Message” and “Keep Campaigning”.  What would it be like? Fling imagined how the encounter would unfold.

On the one hand, it could be a lot of fun. Considering that they do not have an Executive, Fling was certain that SwipeRight would want to be whipped into submission. On the other hand, Fling knew that it could be quick and dirty, and might leave a bad bitter taste of mutual hate in both their mouths.