Issue 2 2019 Cover

Issue 2, Vol. 69 2019

Editors’ Welcome

Content Editor, Alisha here! Welcome to the second edition of the Woroni magazine, 2019. We’ve listened to your feedback and hope that you will find this month’s edition even brighter and bolder than the last.

I’ve been a Woroni Editor since we were still working on a fortnightly newspaper cycle. This year the magazine has skyrocketed our ability to present you with a stunning outlet for student media. But one fact remains the same, no matter how long the Woroni team has to curate this piece of art: as a contributor, finding the courage to send in work can be a real challenge.

It is easy for us editors to overlook this – to forget how it feels when you are still unsure about whether your work is ‘good enough’ – whether other students will want to read or see it. Whether it’s worth attempting to publish work if that means it has to be scrutinised and edited by someone you’ve never met. But ultimately, accepting this challenge is always worth it. Especially here at ANU, where we have such a talented, open and compassionate group of people here to receive your work and help push it to its finest level. Remember that, no matter what subject you focus on, if you’re passionate there will be others keen to listen – so long as you can learn to voice yourself with fierce, tangible enthusiasm. And we’re here to help you find that voice.

That’s what student media is about.

Alisha Nagle – Content Editor


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