In Defence of Gen Y Men

Baby boomers and Gen Xers make up the majority of the professional workforce, especially the upper echelons. That will change very soon, but up until now, there have been a lot of articles floating around that claim how self-centred, expectant and obnoxious us Gen Yers are. And because they haven’t found it ridiculous thus far to make generalisations spanning millions of people, across many continents, with various cultures and languages, today I too will throw rationality to the ether in order to speak up in defence of Gen Y men.* Don’t get me wrong, Gen Y women are phenomenal too, but I think women throughout history have been quite incredible; (white) men, not so much.

Point 1: Gen Y men cook and clean (or at least they don’t expect their lovers to do it all for them) without waiting for a standing ovation.

Relatively frequently, men a generation or two older see my boyfriend doing things around the house or, god forbid, him cooking dinner with me nowhere in sight. Often these older men point out to me how lucky I am to have said boyfriend and that I really need to be more appreciative. On these occasions, my boyfriend smoothly changes the conversation to fishing or electric bikes before I can mutter various comebacks involving chains and slavery.

Point 2: Gen Y men will step back from their own ambitions to support their partner’s endeavours.

I know several Gen Y men who have moved cities or countries for their lovers. I know Gen Y men who have put their careers on hold to support their partner’s career, including being a stay-at-home dad.
And, most importantly, it’s not a big deal. No one needs to shout it from the rooftops. The women don’t need to lie at their partner’s feet every night and thank them for doing the same job women have been doing for hundreds of generations. It’s just normal.

Point 3: Gen Y men don’t see women in leadership as a threat.

If Gen Yers were in charge of media, no one would have been talking about Julia Gillard’s box. What the hell is a box anyway? Does Gillard move house often? Or does she have a particular attachment to a range of material goods that she carries around in a cardboard container, invoking the tittering of others who think she should be using a wheely suitcase?

Point 4: Gen Y men are easy to talk to.

My male friends will happily chat about most things ranging from the mundane to the gross, the personal, the confusing, the intellectually stimulating and back. I have never felt patronised by a male my own age. I definitely cannot say the same of older men.

Point 5: Gen Y men are better in bed.

A sex worker told me so.

No, really. It’s true.

* This article is of course based on the predominantly Australian, university-educated and socially aware crowd I hang out with.

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