God is not dead

I believe that the Christian world-view is intellectually credible and existentially satisfying.

I can’t possibly convey why to you in a poster, but a 700 word opinion piece might provide a more viable option.

The very idea that a religious belief, which must by definition require some kind of faith, could be intellectually reasonable may seem ridiculous to many people. However, the Bible calls Christians to be ready to give an answer for the hope that they have in Christ, indicating that there should be clear and identifiable reasons for the faith that we have.

I don’t believe that Christianity is incompatible with science, or our understanding of history. The bible does not provide a microbe-level account of how God created the universe, and while some Christians believe that the world was created in six literal days, many Christians believe that Darwinian evolutionary theory is consistent with the Bible. Being a Christian does not necessarily blind a person to the wonderful discoveries of science. In fact, many Christians believe that science, the ability to systematically break down and analyse parts of our world, is a gift from God, and that the complexity and sheer improbability of our universe points to the existence of God. Of course Christians believe in the resurrection of Jesus, which is physically impossible. But if I believe in a God who can begin a universe from nothing, I can believe that God could raise a man from the dead.

Initially, I didn’t have a problem reducing the world to randomly colliding atoms. But the more I came to terms with the pointlessness of my own existence, the less the world made sense to me as a whole. If I’m just a selfish animal hell-bent on reproduction, why do I have an appreciation for music and art, and things that can only be described as beautiful? How could I explain things like self-sacrifice, or the fulfilment I experience when I stumble upon a hidden talent and think ‘perhaps I was made for this’? The Christian world-view allows me to see that I was made by God to achieve his purposes. It explains why I struggle with selfish desires, and why I need to be reconciled to God. It helps me to make sense of the unshakeable feeling deep in my core that there must be a reason for this beautiful but broken world.

You may disagree with me in every aspect of what I’ve raised. I’d love to talk to you about it. If you convinced me that the Christian world-view is intellectually untenable and existentially disappointing, you would certainly make my friends and family a lot more comfortable. I’ll be at the HA Tank on Thursdays from 1-2pm. But I’ve tried to be honest in this piece, and maybe you need to be honest too. Is your current world-view intellectually credible, and existentially satisfying?

For the opportunity to ruthlessly interrogate Christians on their worldview, please come along to one of the Focus Think Week events, until 17 August, or join us in the HA Tank from 1-2pm on Thursdays.

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