A Snapshot of Singapore

When travelling to Singapore, it is quite often that you forget that you’re in a Southeast Asian Nation. Not to be mistaken as a province or island off China, Singapore is situated at the very southern tip of Malaysia. And unlike other Southeast Asian countries, Singapore boasts its position of being ranked third globally for GDP per capita. A tourist hub, one is able to see Singapore’s wealth as they land at its famous airport, Changi, the number one ranked airport in the world. Inside are a vast array of activities, including cinemas, sleeping lounges, gaming rooms, and a butterfly garden.

The reality of being in Singapore, however, hits you when you first exit the sliding doors of Changi Airport. If you are lucky, you might experience 30°C and 50% humidity. A normal day, one would expect 34 degrees and humidity ranging between 85-95%. Fortunately most of your time is spent in air-conditioning, whether it be in a building or transport.

Travelling is extremely cheap in Singapore, with taxis costing about $1.50 per kilometre, taking you to the centre of the city in approximately 15 minutes. Once in the city, Singapore is not short of sightseeing ventures, with Marina Bay Sands – the second most expensive building in the world – and Gardens by the Bay being two of the more popular.

For lunch, hawker centres (outdoor food courts) are extremely sought after. A popular dish amongst many is known to be chicken rice, a simple dish but one that you will want to eat frequently while you’re there. The hospitality is second-to-none, and with English being the main language of Singapore, tourists often find it quite easy to get around.

The people of Singapore are easy to get along with. From experience, many are willing to approach you and ask where you’re from, indulging in stories of their time in your home country. Students, regardless of what age, are extremely studious. It’s quite common that they are only able to get 4-6 hours of sleep every night throughout their teenage years. Additionally, attending university is highly sought after in Singapore, and almost a must amongst locals. This does not deter them, however, from having a positive and happy outlook on their future.

Singapore remains to be a highly attractive and popular destination for tourists and western business people. Once one is able to acclimatise to the extreme weather conditions, they will highly enjoy their time laying on the beaches of Sentosa, making friends with the locals, and if you’re lucky enough – swimming atop Marina Bay Sands.

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