The Woroni Team

ANU Student Media and its platforms are funded and governed, managed and created by ANU students, for ANU students. Editors who are elected by members of the Association (all ANU students) serve 12-month terms on the Board, while sub-editors, who are appointed by editors, hold their positions for a semester. All ANU students – undergraduate and postgraduate – are eligible and invited to get involved.

Board of Editors

Bronte McHenry
Kat Carrington
Managing Editor
Finn Pedersen
Deputy Editor-In-Chief and Radio Editor
Lauretta Flack
Content Editor
Jasper Lindell
News Editor
Kanika Kirpalani
TV Editor
Oscar Jolly
Radio Editor
Joanne Leong
Art Editor

Sub-Editor Team


  • Business Development: Fred Weber
  • Marketing: Mark Manatan
  • Social Media: Laura Mendoza Garcia
  • Instagram: Tony Gu
  • Website Development: Nick Sifniotis
The management team is overseen by Kat Carrington. They work to create partnerships with other businesses, organise advertising across ANU Student Media’s platforms, undertake market research and strategic planning, maintain social media platforms and the ANUSM website.
Fred can be contacted at


  • News Correspondent: Bella Dimattina
  • News Correspondent: Lorane Gaborit
  • News Correspondent: Josie Ganko
  • News Correspondent: Hugh McClure
  • News Correspondent: Aleyn Silva
  • News Correspondent: Max Koslowski
  • News Correspondent: Isabella Ostini

The news team is overseen by Jasper Lindell. They investigate and report campus news for the Woroni newspaper, both in print and online.

They are contactable at


  • Comment: James Atkinson
  • Comment: Nick Wyche
  • International: Nathalie Rosales Cheng
  • Features: Amanda Dheerasekara
  • Multilingual: Rosalind Moran
  • Creative Writing: Nadia Kim
  • Creative Writing: Emilie Morscheck
  • Arts: Phoebe Hamra
  • Reviews: Alex Green
  • Life & Style: Georgia Leak
  • Environment: Grace Dudley
  • Science: Jenny Tinston
  • Business & Economics: Victor Sukeerth Munagala
  • Sport: Ollie Brown
  • Satire & Humour: Eleanor Armstrong
  • Event Guide: Mehar Chawla

The content team is overseen by Lauretta Flack. They source and edit content for the Woroni newspaper, both in print and online.

Alex Green and her team of regular reviewers can be contacted at

The rest of the team can be contacted at

Semester One 2017

Art and Design

  • Art: Rowan Everard
  • Art: Tom Campbell
  • Design: Katie Ward
  • Design: Julia Hammer

The art team is lead by Joanne Leong. They source artwork and illustrations for the Woroni newspaper, lay out the newspaper, produce graphics for all ANU Student Media’s platforms and foster the link between ANU Student Media and the School of Art.

They are contactable at


  • Television Manager: Bremer Sharp
  • Camera Operator: Shasha Ma
  • Reporter: Casley Rowan
  • Reporter: Jemimah Cooper
  • Reporter: Linda Chen

The television team is overseen by Kanika Kirpalani. They produce engaging and informing video content on a regular basis that focuses on ANU and the local Canberra area.

They are contactable at


  • Dillon Vibes
  • Chloe Tredea
  • Marwan Elhassan
  • Christine Song

The photography team is overseen by Kanika Kirpalani. They contribute photography to the Woroni newspaper, in print and online, and also provide a free event photography service for ANU students and groups.

They are contactable at


  • Presenter Liason: Loretta Lackner
  • Technical Officer: Will Fletcher
  • Music: Cosmo White
  • Social Media: Poppy Perry-Evans
  • Events & Sports: Stephanie David

The radio team is overseen by Oscar Jolly and Finn Pedersen. They manage the Woroni Radio station by creating 24-hour music playlists, ensuring high sound quality, promoting the platform on social media, liaising with the shows, offering Woroni Radio‘s service at external events and supervising the live broadcast on weeknights.

They are contactable at


  • Admin Assistant: Arun Murali
  • Financial Controller: Brendan Greenwood
  • Distributor: Loretta Lackner

Employees are managed by Bronte McHenry.

Arun can be contacted at