Application to join Art and Design Team Semester 1 2019

Apply to become part of the Semester 1 team for 2019!

The Woroni Art and Design team is set to grow in 2019, with many exciting opportunities available for ANU students interested in all aspects of visual production, graphic design and art. In 2019, Woroni will transition from the traditional bi-weekly newspaper into a monthly magazine. We are looking for passionate Art and Design students/enthusiasts to become part of the team and help launch the new magazine into the community!!
Basic knowledge of the adobe suite is preferred, however not essential. And skills will be taught throughout the semester, with a view to gradually improving confidence and competence with the software.
All subeditors will be responsible for laying out a small quota of pages for each Woroni print edition (3 editions per semester). Each role will then have additional duties, as detailed below.

*Successful applicants must be available to work on exciting initial magazine, set to be released in O-week 2019 (can work remotely)

Art and Design Sub-Editors

The role of the Art and Design sub-editors will predominantly consist of the exciting opportunity to help transition Woroni from a bi-weekly newspaper into a monthly magazine. In addition to laying out a quota of pages each print edition, design subeditors will be responsible for creating visual media to accompany articles in Woroni’s new magazine.  Additionally, sub-editors may be required for ad hoc graphic production for use outside of the print edition. This may include: graphics for social media; poster graphics; branding for Woroni Radio shows; graphics or animations for Woroni TV; merchandise graphics; website graphics, and so on. Applicants should have proven experience in at least one area of visual arts, such as painting, drawing, photography, digital art, collage, etc. Experience with Adobe suite is preferred but not required.

Art Scout and Liaison: 

Art liaisons will be responsible for uncovering exciting art talent and liaising with casual contributors. They will be working closely with a team of talented photographers allowing them to explore different platforms of Art around ANU. Art liaisons will report to the Art Editor and are responsible for sourcing casual contributions for the Woroni magazine. This role is suitable for individuals with an eye for art, however no prior experience is needed. Successful candidates will be expected to attend regular meetings and the role will require roughly 2-4 hours of work per week.