Woroni’s Response to Criticisms of Back Page Piece, “Advice From Religion” (18/04/13)

We have received feedback in response to the piece, “Advice From Religion”, published on the Back Page in the most recent edition of Woroni (18/04/13). In response to this, we would like to apologise to anybody in the wider ANU community who felt victimised or discriminated against by this piece.

The piece was meant to be satirical, and we want to clarify that we did not intend to make anybody feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or personally victimised through its publication. We apologise, as the ANU Student Media board, if anybody personally felt this way.

We welcome any further responses in relation to this piece. If any individuals would like to write a letter-to-the-editor, they can be sent to contact@woroni.com.au.


The ANUSM Board


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