Helpful or Menace? Local Advice Syndicate Leaves Community Divided

A report by Marvin D.M. Anderson A recent wave of coordinated advice has spread across the pages of Yahoo Answers, leaving users confused and upset about their direction in life. Read the rest

Songs To Grow Up To: Lior discusses the art of songwriting at Beyond Festival 

“I remember standing side of stage when they were about to go on,” says Lior when I ask him about performing with Carole King and James Taylor. Read the rest

Woroni Radio Playlist: Iconic

Some of the biggest celebrity icons in pop culture history were musicians. The bands and musicians featured in this week’s playlist are the best of the best: they excelled and innovated in their artistic pursuits, while garnering a huge following for their personalities on and off stage. Read the rest

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Canberra

Briony and Josh jump on the Woroni Radio waves every Wednesday at 8:30pm, taking you back to a simpler time through the transformative magic of old So Fresh CDs. Read the rest

Woroni Radio Playlists: Time

The relationship between the human experience and time is a recurring theme in music. In this Edition’s Time playlist, artists like Bon Iver, Pink Floyd and Preoccupations ruminate on personal struggles originating from our experience of time, while others like Father John Misty, Noname, and Chance the Rapper choose to reflect on vivid memories and their relationship to their present identities. Read the rest

Why Podcasting?

A while ago I listened to a podcast episode from ‘The Generation Why’ that was wild. It was about a minister (Kevin) who saw angels and demons as parts of everyday life, saw car crashes before they happened, and knew when people were going to die. Read the rest

Woroni Radio Playlists: Performance

Witnessing a truly special live performance from your favourite band can be a life-changing experience. Our first playlist is made up entirely of famous live recordings, capturing everything from blistering technical displays (Snarky Puppy) to intimate outpourings of emotion (Wilco, Matt Corby, Radiohead). Read the rest

Three Fingers – Discussed

Three fingers. The name (sort of) made sense at the time, as there were three of us back then. Read the rest