Five Secret Ways to Get a Park on Campus

It seems that the ANU has a bit of a vendetta against cars. This is perfectly reasonable, of course. Read the rest

Woroni ACT Writers Centre Fellowship Terms and Conditions

Entry is open to poems of up to 30 lines (not including blank lines) or up to 750 words of prose on the theme ‘Highrise’. Read the rest

Study Spots for Sad and Stressed Students

The best, most reliable study spots on campus are not quite where you would expect. This time of year, it is often that you witness bright-eyed, joyful students (a.k.a. Read the rest

Casual Vacancy: News Editor

ANU Student Media is looking for an ANU student to fill a casual vacancy on our Board of Editors. Read the rest

Voluntourism: Who Are You Really Helping?

Did you notice the flyers last week littering the floor of Manning Clark? Maybe they got you. Maybe you’ve been convinced to abandon your summer plans in pursuit of a better you – a you who builds classrooms so you can teach English to African orphans and white water raft on the side. Read the rest

Contemporary Online Feminism

Blair Williams is a PhD candidate focusing on the negative media portrayals of women prime ministers whilst writing articles and feminist slam poetry in her spare time. Read the rest

Notice of General Meeting

The ANUSM Board of Editors would like to announce a General Meeting to be held at the Woroni Office on Wednesday 7 March, from 5.00pm – 5.30pm. Read the rest

Johns Students Disciplined for Sexist Chant

A group of first year John XXIII College students was disciplined in O-Week over an incident involving a sexist chant, Woroni can reveal. Read the rest