Denying Climate Change

climate-denialThere are some people who don’t believe in human-induced climate change. The newly elected One Nation senator, Malcolm Roberts, is one such person. Read the rest

WHO and OIE and the One Health initiative

one-health-logoThe World Health Organisation – who hasn’t heard of it? Most people know about the WHO (not the band, but the United Nations organization), but for those who don’t know, WHO sets international health standards and directs global responses to health crises. Read the rest

Shirty Science

shirtyscience-15  Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you combined art with science? Shirty Science is a project created by ANU student, Madison Hartill-Law, who is studying a Masters in Science Communication. Read the rest

The role and potential influence of CRISPR: An interview with Dr Gaetan Burgio

crisprDr Gaetan Burgio is group leader and Head of the Transgenesis Facility at the John Curtin School of Medical Research. Read the rest

Drug Re-education

addiction-2Addiction: It’s political not criminal My childhood drug education of “take drugs and you will die!” left me dangerously ill-equipped to navigate the drug-rich environment of Uni life. Read the rest

Innovation, Not “Thought”, Leaders

creative-ideaImagine having a thought and then actually doing something about it. In STEM professions, while being a ‘thought-leader’ and having those ‘aha moments’ are essential to a successful career, developing the skills and the experience to turn these thoughts into real solutions is the clincher. Read the rest

What is the greatest scientific advancement of all time?

google-maspsGoogle Maps Wanting Chen The best scientific advancement to date, I suppose, is Google Maps. As a new resident in this exotic land, I depend on this man made invention to find the right directions to shopping malls, to the university, to my changing accommodation location, etc. Read the rest

What will make the difference?

earth-timothyWhy climate sensitivity and modelling must continue to inform future policies for mitigating the effects of climate change. Once described as ‘the great moral challenge of our generation’, climate change is a global threat that is increasingly damaging our world. Read the rest