Feeling Salty – 95 Theses, Scores of Executive Orders

Dank Memes for Chifley Screens When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the doors of the All Saints Church in Wittenberg in 1517, he became the herald of the Protestant Reformation, sparking a mass exodus from the decadent Catholic faith across Europe. Read the rest

Cash Me Ousside Marx

Dank Memes for Chifley Screens Danielle Ann is an icon, nay a stalwart proponent, of democratisation. We all know her, she of ‘cash me ousside howbow dah’ fame. Read the rest

The Fate of Fresher Flu

Illustration by Julia Hammer ‘The fluff is falling!’ Many students will be familiar with the feeling of stomach-churning horror associated with this phrase – signalling the realisation of one’s impending doom when it comes to exam preparation. Read the rest

Not Quite North Shore

As one of the many ANU students hailing from the sunny suburbs of Sydney, I came to university with the pathological need to stand out from the crowd, to avoid being categorised as a common – and so unfairly maligned – type. Read the rest

‘The Perfect Brunch? I’ll Avo Go!’

Over the summer break, I discovered a path well-trodden by ANU students. It was that of holiday aimlessness – of the boredom that comes from not having 300 fellow residents around who I could force to spend time with me. Read the rest

Student Returns Home for the Weekend with the Intent of Getting Work Done

It’s a balmy Friday afternoon, Canberra is dead silent and the student populace of ANU perform their personal procrastination rituals in hushed unity. Read the rest


Obviously a lizard person – only lizard people have shoes that shiny. I’m underneath a recycled pine wood table. Read the rest

Mooseheads Nightclub adopts Berghain-inspired door policy

It’s no secret that there has been a lot of bad press surrounding Canberra’s favourite nightspot recently. Just last month, a man was assaulted leaving the club. Read the rest