‘The Perfect Brunch? I’ll Avo Go!’

cd0c49a069f9a0a7a427ab27f60467fece7c6586_600Over the summer break, I discovered a path well-trodden by ANU students. It was that of holiday aimlessness – of the boredom that comes from not having 300 fellow residents around who I could force to spend time with me. Read the rest

Student Returns Home for the Weekend with the Intent of Getting Work Done

student-849825_960_720It’s a balmy Friday afternoon, Canberra is dead silent and the student populace of ANU perform their personal procrastination rituals in hushed unity. Read the rest


red-rose-320892_960_720Obviously a lizard person – only lizard people have shoes that shiny. I’m underneath a recycled pine wood table. Read the rest

Mooseheads Nightclub adopts Berghain-inspired door policy

concert-768722_960_720It’s no secret that there has been a lot of bad press surrounding Canberra’s favourite nightspot recently. Just last month, a man was assaulted leaving the club. Read the rest


a-couple-of-1694334_960_720It was a dinner date that finally brought me back to the Hetero. My dark tendencies had serious repercussions for my date’s reliance on established gender roles. Read the rest

John Howard Accidently Summons Enraged Ghost of Sir Robert Menzies in Documentary Séance

robert_menzies_bustArmed with nothing but an Ouija Board and an ABC Film Crew, former Prime Minister and world’s largest rat, John Howard, yesterday summoned the enraged ghost of mid 20th Century Conservative Apparatchik, Sir Robert Menzies QC. Read the rest

The Perks of Being Short Sighted

glasses-272399_960_720As a middle class, white, able bodied Sydneysider, it can be hard to have something legitimate to complain about. Read the rest

German Scientists Prove that a “Ghap Yhear” Increases Intelligence

people-371230_960_720Commonly labeled as a year to ‘experience the world’ or ‘find oneself’, the 12-month hiatus from studying has now been scientifically proven to increase a student’s intelligence. Read the rest