Mike Parr: Foreign Looking. “It’s ART”

mike-parr_sickness“It’s ART” seems to be the answer to most of my carefully prepared questions to Elspeth Pitt, Assistant Curator at the National Gallery of Australia. Read the rest

We’re Not Worried, We’re Just Having Fun

600cWhen four out of five Ball Park Music members walk off stage leaving Sam Cormack alone with his acoustic guitar, there’s a sense that he knows exactly how big an impact his band has had on the Triple J-listening concert goers of the early 2010s. Read the rest

Gone Girl on the Train

bandsSkippy and Beagle met in a dusty Film Studies tute (because who goes to Film lectures?) back in 2014. Read the rest

Songs To Grow Up To: Lior discusses the art of songwriting at Beyond Festival 

lior“I remember standing side of stage when they were about to go on,” says Lior when I ask him about performing with Carole King and James Taylor. Read the rest

Cream Festival: A Review

cream-festA walk along Lake Burley Griffin near the end of winter can be quite a dismal affair: the deciduous trees sit naked and quivering in the cold air, and a nasty wind picks up small waves along the water’s edge. Read the rest

Icons – Sibelius: A Review

Canberra Youth Orchestra Icons concert - Sibelius.When faced with an empty Saturday night, would you rather: a) head to Civic and get #looseatmoose with public servants b) watch the Canberra Youth Orchestra perform at Llewellyn Hall? Read the rest

The Tempest: A Discussion

tempest-posterLast week Woroni caught up with Caitlin Overton and Felicity (Flick) Anderson – the director and dramaturg of NUTS’ upcoming play ‘The Tempest’ – to ask them a few questions about the upcoming production. Read the rest

The Red Turtle: A Review

the_red_turtleThe Red Turtle is a French-Belgian-Japanese film – WOW what a mix –  which premiered in the Un Certain Regard section of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival (if you do not know what that means please go educate yourself). Read the rest