Songs To Grow Up To: Lior discusses the art of songwriting at Beyond Festival 

“I remember standing side of stage when they were about to go on,” says Lior when I ask him about performing with Carole King and James Taylor. Read the rest

Cream Festival: A Review

A walk along Lake Burley Griffin near the end of winter can be quite a dismal affair: the deciduous trees sit naked and quivering in the cold air, and a nasty wind picks up small waves along the water’s edge. Read the rest


  The Perils – Old Man Saxon (Rap, Mixtape) Waheed Jayhoon Old Man Saxon’s 2016 commercial debut The Perils is smooth and sharp. Read the rest

REVIEW: Seth Sentry and Remi, ANU Bar

Hip hop in Australia is undoubtedly the poorer, grubbier, less articulate cousin to America’s mega-machine of rap. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; after all, the context from which American hip hop was born is totally different to what’s been happening across the Pacific. Read the rest

Misogyny in Hip Hop

Hip-hop; a cultural movement, the voice of defiance, music for the soul. As a middle-class white chick, I’m not going to pretend to have a deep cultural understanding or much authority on the oppressions that hip-hop was born out of, but I still love it. Read the rest

Groovi: A Review ;)

So on Sunday this reporter hit the hills of UC (gross) and grooved my booty off. My day proceeded like many other ANU students: 9am – 11 am: finding an outfit which could conceal a good two liters of Vody and still look hot af. Read the rest