Review: La La Land

la-la-landJoin our armchair reviewers Anna and Jeevan as they take a trip to the cinema together to see 2016’s singing and dancing hit, La La Land. Read the rest

Review: Moonlight

moonlight2016 was an important year for African-American representation and voices in popular culture. Works such as Beyonce’s album Lemonade and Ava Duverney’s documentary 13th were stand-outs in particular, directly addressing the politics of black lives and issues such as police brutality and discrimination. Read the rest

Review: Canberra Multicultural Festival 2017

CMCFThe Canberra Multicultural Festival – after an electrifying performance from Indigenous group the Wiradjuri Echoes on their main stage – proudly proclaimed that this was its twenty-first birthday party and we were all invited. Read the rest

All That Glitters: Versailles at the NGA

288794Photos from the National Gallery of Australia website The Chateau de Versailles was built by the ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV of France with one thing in mind: power. Read the rest

Review: Laneway 2017

laneway3The Laneway Festival in Sydney provides a brief island of bliss for students looking to forget about the impending resumption of the university year and instead focus on life’s real pleasures: sweating in mosh pits, cold alcoholic beverages and some very excellent live music. Read the rest

Bar Rochford vs. Molly’s

Molly+Bar+Canberra+Food+PhotographerYashi Compares Yashi is undertaking a double degree in International Relations/ Environmental Studies and hails from Western Sydney. Her column is like a Yelp review for things that aren’t restaurants and instead of useful information, it’s incoherent rambling for 800 words and she doesn’t even get promoted to ‘Top Contributor’ status. Read the rest

The Queer Screen Film Fest comes to Canberra!

southwest-of-salem-1There have been gay and lesbian film festivals in Sydney since 1978. Since 1993, however, Sydney’s LGBTIQ film festival has largely coincided with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and has been owned and operated by a community called Queer Screen, whose sole focus is queer film and screen culture. Read the rest

Snowden: A Review

shareMaking a true story more cinematic than documentary is a delicate and precarious process that ‘Snowden’ does not quite achieve. Read the rest