Review: Onetoeight Exhibition

Image: School of Art website Canberra-based artist Alison Alder uses a fresh, light-hearted lens to depict Australia’s early political journey in her Onetoeight exhibition. Read the rest

Review: Tilley’s Devine Café Gallery, Lyneham

Photo: Tilley’s website Whatever their opinion, everyone in Canberra seems to know Tilley’s Devine Café Gallery. On the leafy corner of Brigalow and Wattle Street in Lyneham, Tilley’s is a Canberra institution. Read the rest

Review: The Byzantines and The Montreals

The Byzantines Transit Bar: Friday 3 March 2017 Transit Bar became the unofficial South Australian embassy on Thursday night, as Adelaide collectives The Montreals and The Byzantines bounded into Akuna Street. Read the rest

Review: The Secret History by Donna Tartt

‘I suppose there is a certain crucial interval in everyone’s life when character is fixed forever … for me, it was that first fall term I spent at Hampden.’ With a fresh academic year stretching out before us, the formative weight that Donna Tartt places on our university years may seem daunting. Read the rest

The Morrisons at Smiths Alternative

In light of their performance at The Smiths Alternative, The Morrisons should no longer be defined as simply a band, but rather some sort of hurricane-like natural phenomenon. Read the rest

Process by Sampha – Young Turks Records, 2017

Sampha, Process, Album Cover The rising tide of alternative R&B has brought up with it many boats. Recent years have seen the likes of the Weeknd and Frank Ocean ride the wave of this moody subgenre, but 2017 seems to be the year that London’s Sampha floats highest. Read the rest

Review: Alone in Berlin

Alone in Berlin opens with peace in the woods being shattered by an explosive gunshot and the death of a young soldier. Read the rest

20for20: Parlour

Woroni continues the everlasting search for affordable lunch options off campus. For each edition, two reviewers will visit a new restaurant that is a 20-minute or less of a walk from uni, to review a meal for under $20. Read the rest