Two Tongues One Classroom

In Persian class, I began to read out a sentence. I was a few words in when I was stopped and corrected. Read the rest

Collective Individualism – The Nerve it Takes

Do you have the nerve? Are you someone who is willing to stand up and hold their ground? People with idealistic alternatives to prevailing socio-economic-political ideologies – those who seek to remedy the inequities and injustices that prevail within, and because of, human society – are often lambasted by those around them. Read the rest

The Phrenological Brain: Toward a More Functional Approach in Neuroscience

Illustration: Catherine Nacion As humans, we love categories. Our brains function as super processors, sorting stimuli into categories and allowing us to go about our lives without needing to pause and reanalyse every object we see. Read the rest

What do Guts Really Look Like?

CW: This article contains references to sexual assault and trauma I’d always thought of myself as a gutsy person. Read the rest

The Death Amongst the Growth

These are tributes to the innumerable pot plants that have shrivelled up and died at our hands as we traverse that fine line between love and neglect. Read the rest

The Emerging Self

My girlfriend’s family invited us both to New York for six weeks, to meet me for the first time. Read the rest

Communication Accommodation: Are You an Accent Copycat?

A Slip of the Lip Hailing from the glorious city of Queanbeyan, Caroline spent her first year of uni dabbling in Physics, Maths, English and Music. Read the rest

Where is home?

Most people I know in Canberra are transplants from somewhere else. It doesn’t matter what brought us here: whether university, a job, a dream or pure restlessness. Read the rest