What if Animals did the Talking?

Following a long day at uni, an exhausting shift at Maccas and hours of mindless moves at Moose you stumble home to your room. Read the rest

A Slice of the Pie

The economy is a big pie. Yum. All of us play a role in baking this pie. Some more than others, but we’re all involved in some shape or form. Read the rest

Things Thought in Showers Rarely Happen the Way You Want

We all have that moment. You are standing there, next to someone you care about and you need to tell them something. Read the rest

Foreign Film Fights: Sub vs Dub

Slip of the Lip Caroline is in her third year of a Bachelor of Languages, and is now well and truly drawn into the fascinating world that is linguistics – the science of language. Read the rest

Achieving My Independence

I am a second-year Economics and Finance student. Before you ask, no, I don’t know what stocks you should buy, so please don’t ask. Read the rest

Make the Internet Great Again

Amidst a flurry of doom-portending headlines airily declaiming global headwinds, another crisp blow: ‘Estimates show that just eight men own the same wealth as the poorest half of the world.’ Last month, Oxfam released a report damning inequalities in the global economy. Read the rest

Our Other Platypus

Image: Nolan White Most Australians are comfortable with the knowledge of our native marsupials they acquire around primary school age. Read the rest

The Language of Flirtation

A Slip of the Lip Hailing from the glorious city of Queanbeyan, Caroline spent her first year of uni dabbling in Physics, Maths, English and Music. Read the rest