Interview with Kien

pexels-photo-207247When I first caught a frog Gelatinous and milky grey I was squatted flat feet crusted Imagining my heels melting into the clay fractures And tried to see my teeth in his eyes When I first saw the rain The air was laden with its precipice girth And the humid space was crying out Fall! Read the rest


fog-dawn-landscape-morgenstimmung-163323Corrugate my soul left breathless, I’ve been away too long. Leave me dryspun among cut stems, kick my screen door in and take what you want. Read the rest

Red Thread

pexels-photo-147465i. Clotho You spin veins into the womb, spooling a pink bud to burrow into soft wall of membrane and flesh: wet and ready. Read the rest


lost-474124_1280When it’s almost lost in the best of times, There is no hope and vision in sight. Life provokes you to surrender, The beast must die forever. Read the rest


directional-1296613_1920Could we chump at the tiddle At the timulous wot of the niddle? Or soop the glorious bodle? Too true, we of finted twaddle. Read the rest

Paper Tiger Daughters

lily-1542557_1280Turn it back to Year Zero – My mother shuts her eyes; Says her rice fell with her foot And her heart stretched south Like a reed upon reeds. Read the rest

“What are you afraid of?”

park-bench-338429_1920Loud I once was… You might contradict and tell me I’m louder now. No. I used to be loud with my thoughts. Read the rest

World spins

parakeet-corrugated-1438587_1920the rosella dove from the branch as it had done for every morning since its early years when it was a a squalling thing afraid of the ground it was finally and no more that bird among birds the rosella dove from the branch the ground didn’t seem as hostile now in fact it seemed to the falling thing a closer and dearer friend by the second Read the rest