A broken shovel.

  The man has had enough. For years he has worked under the eyes of the watchful eagles; hands so blistered and calloused they could pass for the mats hot pans were set upon. Read the rest

The Road Mistaken

  Two roads diverged in a neighbourhood And sorry I could not see a third To bypass alleys, long I stood And peered down one as far as I could Through smoky haze where shadows stirred; Then took the other, as just as foul And having perhaps the better claim, For though it was glassy everywhere; And dead rats marred the passing there The two were really about the same, And both that twilight equally lay In concrete glory filled with cracks Oh, who needs a third track anyway? Read the rest


  tendrils tease climb up into homes drop seeds roots replace synapses thoughts grow like weeds hard trunks split soft human skin tough stems tangle toes plants will win, in time   Read the rest


I. my heart blazes and snarls in the inferno of my chest, all-consuming and unstoppable II. you tell me that it is ugly and gnarled in the heat of an unnatural flame, that it should be covered, hidden from the world and locked away, lest its charred wings spread too far III. Read the rest

I Feel

Humming to myself, I brush my outstretched hand through the bushes My fingers dance through the leaves They chuckle, leaning into my touch Droplets of water spring from them and scatter upon my sandals I giggle, toes wet with dew and tingling from the cold Light-headed, fuzzy, quivering My body is a bridge, bending upwards Their fingers caress my chin, following the contours of my face ever so slightly before grazing my neck and dragging their nails down my back I shiver I sigh Heat spirals down my chest, flushes blossoming from my cheeks My back stiffens, straighter, taller Bones in my fingers crack as they roll into fists The curve of my jaw hardens I bite into my cheeks slowly, forcing the air from my nose My hands stand at attention to my sides Everything is still and quiet But ready She holds me The blanket around us is so soft My shaking slowly subsides, as my hand grips hers The vine around my throat relaxes, slightly Its spirals loosen My forearms tingle Her thumb skims them, reassuringly I inhale My breathing gallops, in time with the slapping of my hands against the waves They push against me I push back Saltiness slides down my throat I splutter I feel. Read the rest

Things Thought in Showers Rarely Happen the Way You Want

We all have that moment. You are standing there, next to someone you care about and you need to tell them something. Read the rest

Torso of Dionysus From Gymnasium

Statue of Achilles’ Heel Florin Giles is an English and Gender studies student with a special love for gay poetry and English boys. Read the rest

Woroni ACT Writers Centre Fellowship Terms and Conditions

Entry is open to poems of up to 30 lines (not including blank lines) or up to 750 words of prose on the theme ‘Highrise’. Read the rest