Don’t Just Throw Me A Bone

Image: Brokeback Mountain It’s always been hard finding queer fiction in media. Despite the explosion of queer-focused television, movies and books into the mainstream through the past decade – including massively popular shows like Modern Family or Orange is the New Black, and even cheesy daytime TV like The Ellen DeGeneres Show – there still isn’t a whole lot of representation. Read the rest

In Our Great Red Backyard: Queer Rights in Rural Australia

In 2015 I moved to ANU from a town in North Queensland called Mackay. You may recognise Mackay as the town that continues to elect George Christensen – the Nationals MP who likens Safe Schools to paedophilia – to Parliament every election cycle. Read the rest

How Identity Politics gets Inclusiveness Backwards

Egalitarianism was traditionally about erasing the arbitrary differences between us all. The idea was that in a situation where you interacted with a black trans-woman named Aaliyah – you saw Aaliyah in all her complexity as an individual, not as a ‘black’ ‘trans’ ‘woman’ in all the stereotyped simplicity of those categories. Read the rest

State of the Union: A Comparative Look at NUS

This article was adapted from a report compiled by the ANUSA Policy Analysis Working Group. Image: National Union of Students With a 2016 expenditure of $740,000 and almost $1,000,000 in assets, one would hope that Australia’s National Union of Students (NUS) was led by responsible and capable officer bearers, representative of the students whom they purport to represent. Read the rest

Setting Things Straight – Can Queer* Culture Be Appropriated?

Image: Buzzfeed Aislinn has come down to ANU from the Sunshine Coast, both to study Arts/Laws and avoid Pauline Hanson. Read the rest

A Trans Guy on Grindr

Content Warning: discussion of sex and sexuality, bigotry, racism, and transphobia; reference to slurs, brief drug mention. ** I would like to acknowledge that my experiences are mine alone and are unique to me as a pre-operative, olive-skinned, curvy, non-binary, queer trans guy in the ‘cub’ demographic of the queer* community. Read the rest

Demanding Equality Consistently: An Intersectional Viewpoint

Jasmine is in her first year at ANU studying double Laws (Honours) and International Relations. Her favourite things include dumplings, binge-watching House of Cards, and of course, smashing the patriarchy. Read the rest

Asexual Women in a Hypersexual World

Belonging In a world where sex is everywhere, it’s easy to feel like an outsider. Whether it’s images in advertising, hook up culture or just the assumption that everyone who isn’t getting any secretly wants to be, not being interested in sex makes me feel like I don’t belong. Read the rest