Comprehending Complexity

The Philosopher’s Stoned In this regular column, Anthony Merlino seeks to capture the unique perspective of a different ANU philosopher each fortnight. Read the rest

Why Residents are About to get Hit with a Big Fat Price Hike

As ANU’s campus redevelopments continue to roll forward, it seems ANU is withholding crucial information about how their new privatisation agreement will work, and how much the residents will be made to pay. Read the rest

There’s an App for That: When Revenge Porn goes Viral

Content warning: mentions of revenge porn, sexual violence, domestic abuse, cyber bullying, child pornography and manipulation. Revenge porn is one of the most prevalent issues facing young people today. Read the rest

Don’t ‘Eagle Rock’ the Boat: A Story about Disclosure and Response

A recent report published by End Rape on Campus Australia found that universities have frequently failed to support victims of sexual assault and harassment in the aftermath of their experiences, and have even actively sought to cover up instances of sexual assault to avoid reputational damage. Read the rest

Embracing the True Essence of ‘Treat Yo Self’

I first stumbled upon this phrase while watching the second season of Parks and Recreation. Ironically, I was treating myself to a study break while watching the show but, for the first time, I found myself craving the free-spirited and laid-back nature of the ‘treat yo self’ philosophy. Read the rest

Where’s My Castle?: Understanding Negative Gearing

Affordable housing is a hot topic in Australian politics, and it is a complex policy issue. The housing market is heavily regulated in Australia, and it has many demand-side and supply-side distortions that make it difficult to isolate the root cause (if there is one) of the rapid rise in housing prices. Read the rest

In the Corner of the Queer* Ally

I am rather fond of the fun bundle of humanity that are the queer* community’s allies: those who align themselves with supporting queer* rights and greater respect for queer* individuals, whether or not they are queer*. Read the rest

Why Lectures Shouldn’t Be History

If lectures are the heart of a university, then good lecturers are a university’s lifeblood. Luckily for me, my experience at the School of History has given me both. Read the rest