Unpaid Internships – The Difference between Learning and Getting Exploited

You have a sky-high GPA and ample extracurricular achievements under your belt. Yet, if your CV is missing that one seemingly ubiquitous yet elusive feature – the prestigious summer internship that most university students spend their penultimate year trying to land – you’re likely to be left lagging far behind in the maddening rat race that is the present job market. Read the rest

To Kill a Technocrat

Samuel Duncan is a second year Economics and International Security Studies Student, he is also a member of the Australian Labor Party. Read the rest

Do Robots Dream of Personal Deductibles?

On 17 February, Bill Gates said in an interview with Quartz, an online magazine, that robots taking human jobs produce what economists call a negative externality. Read the rest

Satoshi’s Legacy

Image: The Huffington Post Before we had flame-grilled Whoppers and Cadillacs with combustion engines, we first had to control fire. Read the rest

Exchange Rate 2: Electric Boogaloo

Have you ever cared about exchange rates or the value of Australian dollar? For many, that answer will be no – but you should, the impacts it has on your daily life are too significant to ignore. Read the rest

Technological Improvement: Good, Bad or Terrifying?

Have you ever been to McDonalds and noticed that the staff at the counter don’t take your order, but rather, you are served by the automated machines in the front of the shop? Read the rest

Dress Like A Woman

Amidst a seemingly endless array of hard-to-swallow American political news this week, a Trump staffer came forward detailing his employee dress code and most notably, revealing that he expected female staff to ‘Dress like a woman’. Read the rest

Putting a Filter on the Price? The Snap(chat) IPO

When the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) opened at 9.:30 am on 2 March, all eyes were focused on one stock: SNAP. Read the rest