‘Excessive CEO Salaries’: Unravelling the Complexity of Executive Compensation and Regulatory Reform

By many measures, we live in a world plagued by heightened economic inequality that is accelerating to unsustainable levels. Read the rest

Islands of Tolerance

New immigration policies introduced in the past eight months have inspired nothing but shame for nations across the globe. Read the rest

Trumped up Trickled Down Disaster

Photo credit: The New York Times From wanting to build a wall on the Mexican border to proposing a national register of all Muslims in the United States, Trump is infamous for his outlandish plans to ‘reform’ America. Read the rest

Let me take a selfie – Manifestations of narcissism or innocent status updates?

A recent ANU study titled ‘Classifying the narrated #selfie: genre typing human-branding activity’ recently utilised software to randomly select 5,000 selfies over a period of 10 days. Read the rest

What we want, what we’d give up

Pork barreling and horse trading are both terms that conjure up fear for all political purists. The idea of vote trading evokes images of factional power brokers negotiating shady backroom deals to retain their control, however, this is not always the case. Read the rest

The Backpacker Tax: An Update

Campaign Banner: YHA Website The government recently submitted a legislation in Parliament for the revised backpacker tax, this ended months of tumultuous arguments between the coalition partners and significant lobbying by certain lobby groups. Read the rest

Does the extinction of the Geelong Falcon spell disaster for the local ecosystem?

The Geelong Falcon is a magnificent beast, boasting a wingspan of over two meters with both front doors open. Read the rest

Israel and Australia: Two nations at the AgTech frontier

Australia and Israel: Two nations whose total landmasses comprise of 70% and 60% deserts or semi-arid zones respectively. Evidently, these are not, one would assume, environments that are naturally conducive to high-yielding and productive farmland. Read the rest