ANUSM Election Results Semester 2 2014

The ANUSM Board of Editors is pleased to announce the results of the Semester 2, 2014 ANUSM Election.

Irrationality of The Terrified: Reputation Trumps Free Discussion at the ANU

On Monday, 20th October, due to interference by ANU’s public relations team, Woroni was forced to cancel the forum, ‘Rationality of Terror’, a forum that had attracted the interest of national media groups.

Candidates for Woroni’s Semester 2 2014 Editor Election

It’s that time of the year again, that’s right, it’s time for Woroni’s Semester 2 2014 Editor Election. The 4 successful candidates will be replacing Tara Shenoy, Ross Caldwell, Polly Mitton and Jacob Ingram, with Polly and Jacob filling casual vacancies created throughout the year. Read the rest

ANUSM Special General Meeting – Term 4, 2014

The ANUSM Board of Editors would like to announce a Special General Meeting to be held at the ANU Bar on the 24th of September, 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

Email From Stephen Milnes: Impending Fee Increase For Residential Housing

...the 5% increase for catered halls includes a 5% increase for both the room component and the catered food component.

Future ANUSA Policies for 2015

Item 1: At least 40% of the characters in the promotional material of any ANUSA-run or -funded event must appear in adjectives, with at least 40% of the remaining characters appearing in adverbs. Read the rest

We’re looking for an Admin Assistant!

We're looking for someone to work 7 to 14 hours per week to assist Woroni by undertaking administrative tasks. Salary is ANU Grade 3 pro rata + 17% superannuation. Interested?

The Future of the Novel: A Reading

With the advent of the Kindle e-reader in 2007 came a paradigm shift in the consumption of literature unseen since the invention of the paperback novel. Read the rest