Footprints leading to the Future: Bringing Indigenous Perspectives into the ANU

At a meeting of Indigenous students, many argued that there aren’t enough Indigenous teachers in the university. There aren’t even that many in academic positions in general. Read the rest

ANUSA Departments Receive Payment Overhaul

At ANUSA’s third Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) on September 23, a motion to establish new regulations governing department payments was passed, facilitating increased payment to officers in the form of stipends, and authorising honoraria for select department individuals. Read the rest

VC Schmidt Introduces SAGE Project for Gender Equality in STEMM

On Wednesday September 28 Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt introduced the       SAGE Pilot program and its planned application in ANU. Read the rest

ANUSA’s Ethnocultural Department Launches at OGM 3

On Friday September 23, attendees at ANUSA’s third Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) voted unanimously to establish the Association’s first Ethnocultural Department, capping off a long journey that began with discussions in mid-2015. Read the rest

Amplify and Connect Discuss Social and GAC Policy

ANUSA’s Social Officer is responsible for organising ANUSA’s major social functions and is the point of contact for Clubs and Societies (C&S) and the Grants and Affiliations Committee (GAC) that distributes funds to C&S. Read the rest

The Treasurers: On GAC, Sponsorship, and Investment

The ANUSA Treasurer is responsible for all of the Association’s finances, and monitors spending in accordance with the Association’s goals and what has been approved by its members. Read the rest

Amplify and Connect Discuss Higher Ed

The ANUSA Education Officer plays the role of dealing with higher education policy and organising campaigns on tertiary education. Read the rest

Woroni talks with VP Candidates on Mental Health, International Students, and Education

The ANUSA Vice Presidential position can be considered relatively hidden, but its impact on the functioning of the Association remains significant. Read the rest