Events Guide 23 – 29 April

Welcome! I write this on Saturday afternoon, just as I’ve come back from the Sunwaves festival mentioned in last week’s events guide. Read the rest

Event Guide 16 – 23 April

Hey everyone! Hope you had an enjoyable holiday and Easter, and made time to check out some of the events in last week’s guide! Read the rest

Events Guide 9 – 16 April

Hey guys! For those of you left behind in Canberra—whether you’re a townie, working through the holidays, or just can’t handle the constant parental surveillance back home— I hope you’ve all had the chance during the break to explore the many sights and events Canberra has to offer. Read the rest

Events Guide: 26 March – 2 April

Welcome back! I hope you filled your week with laughs, and saw at least one act from the Comedy Festival, or unwound and let your hair down at Swick on Friday. Read the rest

Event Guide: 20 – 26 March

Hey everyone! Hope you’re not too bogged down with work because there’s heaps of stuff on in Canberra this week. Read the rest

Events Guide: 13 – 19 March

Welcome back! I hope you checked out a couple of events from last week’s blog – I managed to get to the Noodle Markets and the gig at Phoenix. Read the rest

Event Guide: 6 March – 12 March

Hey everyone! Luckily for you I’m back. Amazingly, throughout the week I did hear chatter about the events I wrote about in last week’s piece, and am certain it is because of my blog’s widespread range. Read the rest

Event Guide: 27 February – 5 March

Introducing Woroni’s first weekly Event Guide! I haven’t got enough words to properly introduce myself beyond my name being Mehar, but that’s okay because I know you would rather get to the good stuff. Read the rest