A Slice of the Pie

The economy is a big pie. Yum. All of us play a role in baking this pie. Some more than others, but we’re all involved in some shape or form. Read the rest

Let me take a selfie – Manifestations of narcissism or innocent status updates?

A recent ANU study titled ‘Classifying the narrated #selfie: genre typing human-branding activity’ recently utilised software to randomly select 5,000 selfies over a period of 10 days. Read the rest

Tuckwell Contributions to the ANU become the largest in Australia

Philanthropists Graham and Louise Tuckwell have announced Australia’s largest personal philanthropic contribution to a university, worth $200 million over 30 years to fund a major expansion of the prized Tuckwell Scholarship Program at the ANU. Read the rest

The Correlation Between Depression and Success

When I was younger, I viewed depression as a “linear” mental health disease. I wasn’t from a rich family at all, and the biggest issue for my family was always something to do with finances. Read the rest

A low Aussie Dollar Isn’t Always Bad News

When people hear about the falling AUD/USD exchange rate, they typically go on a rant about how the Australian economy is finally done for, they regurgitate something about how the Sydney property bubble is about to burst and, given the current state of affairs, something about how the migrants will take our jobs. Read the rest

Five things to watch out for this ANUSA Election

As the frost begins to melt off Chifley Library, the student politicians begin their inevitable thaw. For all you wide-eyed first years, here are five things to watch out this election season. Read the rest