We’re Not Worried, We’re Just Having Fun

When four out of five Ball Park Music members walk off stage leaving Sam Cormack alone with his acoustic guitar, there’s a sense that he knows exactly how big an impact his band has had on the Triple J-listening concert goers of the early 2010s. Read the rest

Songs To Grow Up To: Lior discusses the art of songwriting at Beyond Festival 

“I remember standing side of stage when they were about to go on,” says Lior when I ask him about performing with Carole King and James Taylor. Read the rest

Response And Responsibility: Visual art and experimental music collide at Collected Resonances

When asking the question, ‘Who is Canberra’s hardest working musical act?’, you’d expect a range of answers. Some would refer to breakthrough electro-behemoths Safia and Peking Duk. Read the rest